Introduction to Core Web Vitals

What businesses need to know & how they can prepare ahead of the May 2021 roll out

Understanding Google's Core Web Vitals Update & What It Means for Businesses

Google’s announced their latest algorithm update that will prioritise user experience on the web. To do so, they’ve introduced three new search ranking signals, known collectively as the Core Web Vitals.

With the rollout due to occur in May 2021, businesses have time to start preparing to put themselves in the best possible position ahead of the update.

As one of the first times that Google has given notice of an upcoming change, this indicates that Core Web Vitals is going to change the algorithm fundamentally. We’re encouraging businesses to start preparing and put themselves in the best possible position ahead of the update.

We’ve put together an Introduction to Core Web Vitals to help business be prepared for the specific areas needs to be addressed, and know how they can take action. 

In this document, we’ve provided an overview of what we already know about the Core Web Vitals and attempted to answer some of the key questions around the potential impact this will have on businesses, covering:

Download your free copy to learn how you can best get on the front foot for the upcoming Core Web Vitals rollout.

Introduction to Core Web Vitals

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