Marnie Ashe is Reload's Business Manager

Marnie Ashe

Marnie is responsible for providing strategic business and marketing guidance for a number of Reload Media’s clients across areas including market research, digital strategy, user experience and usability strategy, marketing planning, business planning, channel integration strategy and more.

She has worked with a number of leading Australian businesses including Energex, Pizza Capers, Merlo and Choices Flooring to undertake market research and develop strategies to increase their business performance and achieve their unique business goals.

With a background in business and marketing, Marnie has gained specialisation in communication, digital marketing and IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication). In her senior role at Reload consulting, she is responsible for the coordination of client projects and leading the strategy development and project execution.

Her focus on delivering practical and market-centric strategies to ensure growth excellence occurs means the client is always getting the best competitive advantage possible.

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