Increase in Traffic
Increase in Paid Search Enquiries

“Over the last 2 years, Reload has helped increase the quality of leads that have come through the website.”


Aquatic Bathrooms needed a digital marketing partner who could take their new website to the next level by increasing enquiries and getting their website ranking on the first page of Google.

When Aquatic Bathrooms first met with Reload Media in 2013, they were starting to see a decline in success with other advertising channels. They had tried and tested newspaper advertising and spent thousands of dollars on printed directory listings but it wasn’t enough – especially after taking a hit during the GFC.

Aquatic Bathrooms Director Kim Marcus decided if there was one thing he was going to spend good money on; it was going to be on a good web developer and a digital marketing company who could solidify Aquatic Bathroom’s position in the market.


When the Reload team began developing a strategy with Aquatic Bathrooms, there were very clear business goals set. The bathroom renovation industry is very competitive, where many brands are all vying to make the biggest impression upon potential customers.

The Reload team implemented PPC and SEO campaigns to increase awareness of the brand through the Brisbane market. Through this implementation, Aquatic Bathrooms began seeing an increase in both SEO and paid search traffic with the website comfortably ranking within the first page of Google.

The Reload team continues to monitor campaign performance and make any necessary tweaks to not only maintain, but also continually improve on the positive results.

When Director Kim Marcus first spoke to Reload, he worked out how many jobs he needed to secure a year to sustain business profit margins.

“We’re only halfway through the year and have already seen a 320% increase. I get phone call after phone call.”


  • Clearly outlining the investment required – both monetary and in time from both parties – in order to achieve these goals
  • Outlining specific tactics that would raise awareness about the brand in the broader Brisbane region
  • Analysis and recommendations surrounding conversion rates and customer acquisition
  • Targeted campaigns based on the current target market that Aquatic Bathroom services, ensuring better quality traffic was driven through to the website

We’ve seen a 45% increase on actual job quotes in the last year and the amount of return we’re getting is a great cost-benefit ratio. I’m looking to retire and sell the business in 6 years and I have no doubt this business will sell at a premium cost.

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