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Case Study

Everyday Hero

  • PPC
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

The Challenge

Everyday Hero approached Reload to help them launch the successful Australian brand into the very competitive US market

Reload Media partnered with Everyday Hero in October 2013 to implement a range of initiatives across PPC, social and website strategy. 

Everyday Hero looked to Reload to provide advice and suggestions to stay ahead of the competition and trial new digital marketing techniques, in an attempt to wrestle some of the market share against larger US brands.

The Solution

Everyday Hero created a new website with the help of Reload providing best practice and conversion tracking recommendations. When it came to launching new PPC campaigns in the US market, we initially cast a wide net across multiple keyword verticals including fundraising terms, charity/event terms, causes terms and competitor/partner terms. Everyday Hero knew the Australian market very well, but wanted a fresh approach to launch in the US market.

Reload worked with the Everyday Hero team to set up a realistic signup benchmark and cost per acquisition. From there, all of the strategy and work Reload did was aimed at hitting this specific target.

The Process

globe icon

With the market being so big in the US, it was important to test out differing geographic locations in order to best spend the dollars available.

audience icon

Audience data was also collected as a way of identifying who we needed to specifically target.

target icon

The campaign was designed to use multiple channels to get Everyday Hero’s message out to their new audience including search, display, remarketing, true view and social media advertising across a range of target demographics and locations.

facebook icon

Facebook advertising was run over the course of the campaign with the aim of driving users to the site and registering an account. A number of insights led to this strategy adapting multiple times throughout the campaign period.

graph icon

Over the course of the campaign, the value and performance of the keywords “Fundraising Ideas” and “Fund Raising Ideas” was found to be very high with ‘Sign Up Intent’ conversion rate consistently positive.

They key for us in terms of results ultimately was about learning. Learning what worked and what didn’t work, and that’s something that has definitely come out of the last year working with Reload. We are very clear about the channels that work for us and the channels we should be investing in and we’ve also not been held back in trying different and emerging channels.
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