Key Results

Highter click through rate than industry benchmark
ROI via Content Promotion Test & Learn

GoGetta were looking to increase the number of downloads of an eBook (developed by Reload) entitled: “How to become an Uber Driver”.

About The Client


  • Develop magnetic, useful content for new market segment opportunity (Uber drivers)
  • Ensure eBook downloads and phone call enquiries are tracking correctly
  • Generate initial downloads of eBook to gauge cut-through, conversion rates, segment opportunity and content value to the business.


The Work

  • Developed the “How to Become an Uber Driver” eBook
  • Test multiple paid channels (including Outbrain) to find the most effective promotional tactic for the eBook.
  • Focus budget on highest performing channel/s

Outbrain proved to be the most effective channel by far for this campaign.


The Results

  • The click through rate of the Outbrain campaigns were 300% higher than industry benchmarks for this channel (proving that the strategy behind the content piece itself really hit the mark with the target audience).
  • The Outbrain test and learn generated an ROI of just over 3,936% for GoGetta (based on calculated average lead values developed in collaboration with GoGetta)

Download the eBook Now


Click here to download the Uber ebook for yourself!


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