Website traffic increase
Revenue increase

Reload Media worked with Panel House for  18 months, implementing a range of initiatives across SEO, website strategy and their general digital presence.


When Panel House first approached Reload, they didn't have a strong online presence and weren't entirely sure how they could best take advantage of this channel.

The team at Panel House engaged with Reload in search of advice on how best to set up their site and education on how to develop and enhance their offering.

Panel House’s overarching objective was to bring new customers to the website and increase the current online revenue provided by digital channels and, more specifically, through search engine optimisation primarily.

Panel House also looked to Reload to provide insight and direction to stay ahead of the competition and provide their customers with solutions that couldn’t be offered anywhere else.




Part of Reload’s continued involvement revolves around developing content sourced directly from Panel House employees.

Reload have helped develop content that centers around the employees advice and taps into their knowledge on their products. This content was tailored using questions that the staff and owners received from consumers on a daily basis.

The idea behind this content was to ensure Panel House could showcase the passion and expertise of their staff throughout the website and give Panel House customers a similar experience online as they would receive offline.

Other tactics included:

  • Analysis into current website traffic and revenue and benchmarking achievable goals.
  • Developing content that was specific to Panel House’s target market and providing online solutions that may have otherwise caused a barrier to purchasing some products online.
  • Ongoing, proactive recommendations in order to broaden the current digital offering.
  • Continual advice and insights into the Panel House website and where the business could improve online from a conversion perspective.
  • Providing advice on other areas of Panel House’s digital marketing activity (such as Ebay) in order to assist with best practice tactics and to keep the business ahead of its competition.
  • Educating Panel House on digital marketing and providing advice on the best way to spend their money.
  • Providing advice on where Panel House’s target market are active online and focusing on increasing our visibility in these areas.


Reload far exceeded the initial targets set out by Panel house. Since the start of the campaigns the Reload team has achieved incredible results with: an increase

  • A 236% increase in organic traffic to the website of; and
  • An increase in revenue of 1,527.91%

Reload far exceeded the initial targets set out by Panel house

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