Increase In Baking Club (Newsletter) Sign Ups
More Targeted Website Sessions than Campaign Goal
Increase in Peak Daily Visits During Campaign Period
Improvement on Peak Daily Visit Campaign Goal
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“ The team at Reload are such a pleasure to work with. They are focussed on client objectives, passionate, bring new ideas to the table, are nimble and positive. Their ability to help us change activities in the middle of the campaign and deliver such outstanding results exemplifies this.”

— Renee Macdonald, Digital Marketing Manager

About The Client


Queen knew that the first step to engaging their audience was to strengthen their customer (and prospect customer) databases.

Queen already had a fantastic newsletter strategy in place in the Queen Baking Club but needed assistance in boosting members of this database.  

The team at Queen contacted Reload Media to help further develop their Baking Club database by attracting new, qualified customers that they could start having engaging conversations with.

Queen Fine Foods and Reload Media collaborated closely to come up with three core objectives:

  • Primary Objective: Increase new weekly Baking Club sign ups by 150%
  • Secondary Objective #1: Increase web sessions to the recipe section of the website by 30% per month
  • Secondary Objective #2: Increase peak daily visits by 100%

The Work

  • Reload got involved to assist with Queen Fine Food’s ‘Crazy Cupcake’ competition, and recommended tactics and tools to grow their database as per the objective.
  • Reload set up a custom promotional app on a landing page to encourage users to enter their details for the competition, with weekly giveaways as the prize.
  • Reload also sent traffic to the custom promotional app via strategic pay per click advertising (Google search, Google display and Facebook advertising)
  • Reload consistently optimised the ad copy within the campaign to find what the most magnetic advertising and highest converting ad copy would be.

Key Results

During optimisation, Reload discovered that the Facebook ads promoting Queen’s free recipe book (available to users who enter the competition and join the database) were bringing in the most entries.Reload were able to dynamically switch focus to these ads throughout the campaign in order to further drive results.In terms of the objectives:

  • Reload were able to help Queen achieve a 2,317% increase in Baking Club sign ups (1,445% higher than the campaign objective)
  • Website sessions to the recipe section of the site increased by over 100% during the campaign period (233% higher than campaign objective)
  • Peak daily visits also increased by 200% (100% higher than campaign objective)

Building a database? Conact Reload now to see how we can help you reach your database goals too!

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