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Case Study

Silver Chef

How we increased Silver Chef’s Facebook Advertising conversion rate by over 800%

  • FB ADS

The Challenge

Silver Chef were looking to increase the number of downloads of their annual Hospitality Industry Success Index (HISI) report.

Silver Chef is Australia’s only dedicated hospitality equipment funding solution. Since its inception in 1986, it has helped more than 25,000 customers, from start-up cafes to large restaurants and hotels, to realise their business dreams.

Silver Chef Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2005 operates in three countries: Australia, New Zealand and Canada. They employ more than 200 dedicated people.

As Reload Media had worked with Silver Chef in the past to determine the average value of a HISI download, we were able to further collaborate to set a return on investment (ROI) objective for our HISI promotional activity.

Silver Chef

The Solution

Reload Media  looked to trial a number of different advertising channels and ad formats in order to determine the best mix to promote the report.

We found that Facebook image ads were performing strongly with a 1-2% conversion rate. However, we hypothesised that conversion rate might be greatly improved if we were to replace our image advertisements with custom tailored, promoted newsfeed videos.

The Solution

The switch from image ads to video ads on Facebook saw immediate success with a 838% increase in conversion rate.

The ad unit also produced a return on investment exceeding the ROI target for the campaign.

The video Reload developed was also added to the ‘HISI eBook’ landing page and has helped with both enriching on page content and the overall conversion rate of the page itself.

Reload are very focussed on servicing the client as best as they can. They are quick to react to feedback to ensure client satisfaction, which allows us to continually improve our brand in the digital space.





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