Retail & eCommerce Trends Post COVID-19

Our predictions for the ‘New Normal’ and how brands can prepare for a post coronavirus economy

Learn How To Adapt To A Changing Retail World

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented disruption to retailers around the globe, with customer behaviours and expectations shifting rapidly. 

Now, as some countries start to take their first steps towards recovery, the question brands must answer has started to shift; how many of these new consumer behaviours were temporary, and how many are here to stay?

In this report, we’ve attempted to answer some of these questions, based on published figures, actions taken from leading brands and our own client experiences, covering:

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Our research has since updated! Take a look at our new 2021 Retail Playbook!

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How Can Reload Help My Business?

At Reload, we’re helping our clients adapt to a changing market and new customer behaviours in a number of ways.

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