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Are ‘Facebook Gifts’ set to change social commerce as we know it?

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Today Facebook has finally launched its new ecommerce platform, Facebook Gifts.

We all remember giving our Facebook friends those virtual gifts back in 2007, but this time, Facebook has managed to leverage its large business network to provide an ecommerce system whereby users are able to physically gift an item.

Facebook have made gifting ridiculously simple. It’s as easy as clicking a link underneath a friend’s birthday reminder, or clicking the gift option on a friend’s timeline.

It then puts it back on the gift to input their shipping details

N.B – It’s worth pointing out that this is why I love Facebook. Always thinking about the user experience, and knowing they wouldn’t see the uptake they would like if the gifter was required to input shipping details (Hey everything’s digital now! I don’t even know my best friend’s postal address…)

So all the gifter has to do is pick a gift they would like (within their price range) from a company that is able to ship to the area of the giftee and Bobs-you’re-uncle. S-commerce is truly born!

With the recent push Facebook has driven for businesses to pay for extended reach for posts and other tactics to increase ad spend through the Facebook marketplace, it’s pretty likely that Facebook will charge businesses to be featured within the store. However, we will have to wait for the Australian launch until I can provide you with more insight.

That said, there is of course a waiting list for getting your business on board before it arrives on our Aussie shores.

If you’ve dabbled in social commerce before and are interested to see the potential revenue your business could gain from Facebook Gifts, drop us a line today and we’ll happily get you on the waiting list!

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