If eBay Were A Country!

Since the launch of the internet there has been opportunity to make some solid cash with some people doing it better than others. We decided to take a closer look at how much $$$ some of the internet giants are pulling in these days and realised some of them could potentially purchase a small country.

We got so excited about this that we lost a weekend trawling through endless financial reports and budget sheets, interviewing industry experts and Chief Financial Officers, highlighting key numbers, and underlining solid evidence  (ok so we spent a couple of afternoon Googling things).

Crawling from beneath a pile of paper with ink smudged faces we held in our hand this amazing infographic that we would like to share with you.


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So there it is. As stated we did take the liberty of doing some pretty ruthless rounding up and down with these figures to ensure we could bring you a pretty, engaging infographic. If you are an economist, and you completely disagree with any element of this infographic, please let us know (or at least predict) how we could improve it.

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