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Push Shopping: How it Brings the Best of the Web to YOU

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With Christmas around the corner, we’ve all no doubt done some of our xmas shopping online. But have you ever stopped to wonder what online shopping will be like in the future?

Thanks to the internet and eCommerce, we now have access to a larger amount of products than ever before. Consumers have become increasingly comfortable in buying online, especially with more and more eCommerce retailers jumping on board with free shipping and ‘one-click ordering’.

It is predicted by eMarketer that the number of U.S. consumers buying online will increase 14.9% to 170.3 million in 2015. Accompanying that, between 8-10% of all queries on Google are shopping related.

One of the issues with online shopping is the paradox of choice. Sometimes too much selection can be downright overwhelming. It’s a problem of which the internet is both a cause and a cure.

So what will the new generation of eCommerce online retailers be offering to make it easier for consumers? The answer is….. ‘Push Shopping’! Push Shopping consists of leveraging eCommerce, online data and expert curation to help consumers make up their minds.

Thanks to digital technology, we can ‘set it and forget it’ – whether it’s using Siri to remind you to get bread and milk on the way home, or paying your phone bill via direct debit. We have grown accustomed to letting our digital products automate our life. So why don’t we utilise this offline? Enter online subscription services. For the man with no time (and presumably no washing machine), ManPacks delivers socks and underwear each month. Guyhaus will cover your shaving cream, toothpaste and deodorant. And for the ladies, Hoseanna will auto-ship lip balm, razors and other essentials.

Personalisation is now expected amongst online shoppers. Based on algorithms, online retailers can suggest products based off your previous shopping habits, interests and likes. In fact, customers who click on a suggestion are 30% more likely to purchase. Subscription sites like Kim Kardashian’s Shoedazzle are great examples of this. When you land on the website, you are asked to complete a quiz that determines your style preferences. They then send you fashion and beauty products each month based on your statistically-determined ‘personal style’.

Overall, Push Shopping could significantly change the way we live our lives. Utilising automation based services, coupled with personalisation, Push Shopping could be the ‘architecture of serendipity’. As human beings living in an ever changing and automated world, Push Shopping could give us the suprise and delight we all crave in getting a gift, and most importantly, a gift that is tailored to what we like.

There are more and more subscription based Push Shopping websites popping up. These subscription sites inject new life into old business models and leverage the best of the web to create new real-world products and experiences.

My guess is that one day we will be able to use online software that tracks our family and friends and suggests Christmas/birthday/valentines gifts based on their recent ‘likes’. We mightn’t even have to worry about sending these gifts to them – postage may also be automated through our favourite sites.

Will you be using Push Shopping soon? Maybe even by next Christmas? It’s anyone’s guess!

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