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Social SEO: Changing Business Marketing Forever

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Welcome to the digital marketing revolution. No wait. Make that the business marketing revolution.

With Google’s emphasis on quality content and social signals now an important factor in getting ranks in Google organic search, business is undergoing a massive transformational change without many business owners realising it.

This isn’t about business getting on board with the digital revolution, rather good businesses becoming digital marketing “natives” overnight.

In the future, businesses that understand and action Social SEO and digital marketing share of voice will survive and grow.

This is because they will be the ones that can ultimately be found on search engines. They will be exporting overseas, trading nationally and will be found locally with authoritative content on different search terms. Digital marketing will transcend their whole firm, from the junior staff (probably the most digital savvy) right through to the CEO (probably the most savvy in hiring digital savvy staff). Everything they do embraces, utilises and promotes digital marketing, and therefore Social SEO.

Digital marketing therefore is the centre of their business DNA. They will be in the process of changing internal business processes to make sure their staff are engaging with their SEO/Social teams or agencies to ensure regular quality content development, article writing and video blogging are at the top of the tree for primary marketing activities.

Rather than the CEO caring about what script is appearing on their next TV or radio commercial, the future CEO will be making sure all the top quality content, video scripts and blog articles are appearing right now on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. TV and Radio are and will be still important to drive traffic to digital channels, but they are no longer the centre of the universe.

To me, these businesses are the “D-Haves”.

The other businesses that don’t invest in this change process or ignore the clear signals from their agencies, strategists or staff, will become smaller in size and will only able to fulfill and trade into a local area. They will be more of the “White Pages” directory businesses for say a 2km radius with their future growth opportunities severely restricted. They will struggle to catch up with the “D-Haves”. To me, these are the “D-Havents”.

So how far away are Australian businesses with this transformational change? In part, the big businesses and multi nationals have got it right. They are embracing digital marketing and have their SEO and Social strategies sorted and well under way. They see that digital marketing is a great way to measure and track ROI on all facets of their marketing.

To me it’s the smaller businesses and many medium sized businesses in Australia that aren’t listening or are refusing to listen to the market signals. There is still time for these businesses to change, but not long to become and get digital marketing ingrained in their DNA so they survive the next 10 years.

Reload Team
Reload Team

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