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17 Amazing Tools That Will Definitely Improve Your Facebook Ads

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In the past few years, Facebook has emerged as a global digital advertising heavyweight. The big blue behemoth now makes up a near duopoly with Google that accounts for nearly 70% of ALL global digital advertising revenues.

But with such growth comes increased competition. With the sheer number of advertisers jostling for eyeballs and engagement on Facebook these days, the task of getting your ads to truly stand out and stop your audience from scrolling is more difficult now than it has ever been before.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite ‘scroll stopping’ Facebook Ad creation tools.

Pick one or two technologies from the list below to start taking your Facebook Ads to the next level today!


1. Flixel

Have you ever heard of a cinemagraph? That’s ok if you haven’t. It’s likely that you’ve already seen them out in the wild.

Cinemagraphs are static photos that have moving elements within them. They work brilliantly to capture attention and encourage engagement when used as Facebook ads.

Here are a couple of great cinemagraph examples:

For the perfect pour, pour a Budweiser. #ThisBudsForYou

A video posted by Budweiser (@budweiser) on

Flixel is a platform that makes the once arduous process of developing cinemagraphs completely straightforward and simple.

If you are keen to start creating your own cinemagraphs for your Facebook and Instagram ads, check out the Flixel platform here.


2. Ad Espresso

This is one of our favourite Facebook advertising tools here at Reload Media. Ad Espresso is a brilliant piece of multivariate testing technology that enables you to test multiple versions of your Facebook and Instagram advertisements in order to determine which combination of elements work best for your products or services:

Find out more here.

BONUS EXTRA: When you become an Ad Espresso user, you also gain access to the Ad Espresso Ad Gallery which pulls in and archives some of the world’s highest performing Facebook ads. You can use the ads in this gallery as inspiration for your own advertising efforts.


3. Shoelace

As the team at Shoelace state, their platform is essentially ‘retargeting on autopilot’.

Shoelace is a platform that has been built for anyone running a Shopify ecommerce store. It enables non-techy store owners to simply and effectively remarket to past website visitors on Facebook.

What does this mean? Well, let’s say a user visits your store and views a product (but doesn’t purchase), Shoelace can automatically remarket this specific product to that user on Facebook (and Instagram) for a set period of time after their website visit. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

And, if you aren’t using Shopify, never fear! Shoelace have let us know that they are working on some new integrations for other major ecommerce platforms in 2017.

Check out Shoelace here.

4. AdRoll

AdRoll enables advertisers to target and retarget users across multiple channels. It offers the same features as Shoelace above but is more suited to marketers who want to get a bit more hands on with their remarketing activities on Facebook.

Further to this, as AdRoll is not limited to just Facebook and Instagram, it enables advertisers to target and retarget across the wider web as well.


Check out AdRoll here.


5. Ad Parlor | Ad Mock Up Tool

If you want to play around with different Facebook ad ideas, try Ad Parlour’s free ad mock up tool.

An exceptional and regularly updated tool that lets you see your ad concepts before you commit to a full campaign build.


It’s a bit of a tricky tool to get to so I’ve included a link here.


6. Canva

Don’t have a design bone in your body?

No problems. Try Canva – “The Easiest to Use Design Program in the World!” – The Webbys

Canva has been a game changer at our agency. While we do have a design team, they are often busy with larger jobs. Scheduling in smaller jobs (like Facebook and Instagram image ads) can create bottlenecks and delays.

Canva is absolutely brilliant as it empowers smaller businesses and non-designers to develop highly professional designs (including Facebook ads) with very quick turnarounds.

If you need help with designing your Facebook advertising assets, I’d absolutely recommend trying Canva out right now!


Start using Canva for free today


7. Outfit

For those marketers who have strict brand guidelines that they need to stick to when developing Facebook (and other display) ad sets, Outfit might be a good choice for you.

Outfit enables marketing managers to create genuine brand integration and consistency across all of their advertising and marketing efforts. It also enables marketers to digitise their brand guidelines for better brand policing. How cool is that!

And finally, Outfit enables marketers to save thousands in agency costs and design hours through the miracle of responsive brand asset design.


Check it out here.


8. Facebook Canvas Ad Builder

Ok hot tip, if you haven’t tried Facebook Canvas ads yet, look into it. This is the sexy new ad format taking Facebook by storm. Canvas ads enable advertisers to create extremely rich and engaging brand experiences directly within their target audiences’ news feeds.

That’s right. Audiences don’t need to leave Facebook to have an interactive brand experience any more.

Designed exclusively for mobile users, Canvas ads enables marketers to tell better stories and bring their content to life.

Here are a couple of examples:

But what if you don’t have a design department or creative agency?

No problems.

Facebook have developed a really easy to use Canvas Ad Builder that enables small businesses to develop their own, high quality, super engaging canvas ads as well.

Click here to check it out!


9. CoSchedule ‘Headline Analyzer’

Not too sure about your ad headline? Check out this free tool from the team at Co-Schedule.

The ‘Headline Analyzer’ will let you play around with your ad headlines and provide an overall score for each headline variation your trial.

It looks at things like the power of the words you’ve used, the emotion of the words you’ve used, the number of words you’ve used, the length of the headline, the type of headline and more.

If you want to really make your next Facebook Ads stand out, try using this tool while you’re building your campaigns:


Try the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer here


Facebook Video Ad Creation Tools

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make your Facebook ads stand out is through the use of video ads.

Having videos that autoplay as users scroll past them (when using CPM bidding instead of CPC bidding in Facebook) is a fantastic way to capture your audiences’ attention.

Below are a list of our favourite, easy to use tools for Facebook and Instagram video ad creation:


10. Powtoon

We love using Powtoon. While it can be limited in some of its design options, it is a fantastic tool for non-designers to develop quick and effective animated marketing videos.

After using Powtoon to develop video advertising on Facebook, we’ve seen conversion rates increase by over 800% in some cases (in comparison to image ads).

Check it out today.


11. Veeroll

Veeroll is another quick Facebook video ad creator. There are some cool templates in Veeroll (especially if you are looking to promote an ebook or a specific product).

Check out Veeroll here.


12. Shakr

Remember Canva from earlier in this post? Well Shakr have (cleverly) positioned themselves as ‘Canva for Video’. They have a fantastic library for video assets that you can use to create professional looking, attention grabbing Facebook video ads:

Find out more about Shakr here.


13. Bitable

Bitable is yet another fantastic quick video creator. Bitable bills itself as “the world’s simplest video maker”.

The team at Bitable have gone to great efforts to make the video creation process as simple and quick as possible.


You can check it out for yourself here


14. Adobe Spark (Mobile)

Adobe have also released a really handy, simple video creation tool that can be used for Facebook and Instagram ads.

And, because you can’t really go wrong with Adobe, we’ve included this one in the list as well!

Check out Adobe Spark here


15. Promo (by Slide.ly)

Yep, another fantastic, super quick video ad creation tool. I really love the selection of video assets you can use within Promo and they are extremely suitable for creating magnetic Facebook and Instagram video ads.

Try Promo here


16. UpWork (formerly Elance-oDesk)

Not interested in developing your Facebook advertising videos yourself? Try putting a brief up on a freelancer platform like UpWork.

Using UpWork, you can write a video brief and find appropriate freelancers to help you with your project within minutes (and usually at a very affordable price as well).

While there are a lot of freelancer platforms out there (Freelancer.com.au, Fiverr, DesignCrowd, Ozlance etc), we’ve had the best success with UpWork so far here at Reload Media.

Get started with UpWork here


17. Speechpad

When using video advertising on Facebook, one of the easiest way to capture attention and stop your audience from scrolling past your ad is to use captions.


(Image source)

But who has the time to sit down and accurately transcribe a bunch of video ads? I know I certainly don’t!

Speechpad is an absolutely brilliant service that enables you to attain high quality transcriptions of your videos for as little as $1.50 USD per minute.

These captions will be time synchronised with the video as well so you won’t need to go in and add time codes manually once the video has been transcribed.

Click here to find out more about Speechpad

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. Above are some of our favourite tools at the moment for developing seriously successful Facebook and Instagram ads.

Have a poke around some of the different options and start with your Facebook Ads today.

And, if you found this post genuinely useful, it would absolutely mean the world to us if if you could share it on your preferred social network!

P.S. If you want a bit more direction on how to actually develop some successful Facebook ads when using the tools above, here are a couple of tutorials and articles that you might find helpful as well:

Hubspot: 11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)

AdEspresso: 16 Secrets the Pros Use to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

WordStream: 7 Awesome Facebook Ad Examples (And Why They Work)

Neil Patel: A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads That Convert

Moz: How to Build a Facebook Funnel That Converts


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