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Quarterly Breakfast Series Wrap-Up – ‘Planning Your Digital for the New Financial Year’

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With the new financial year fast approaching, you may be asking yourself – am I prepared? When it comes to digital, the landscape is always changing, which means that the plans you made this time last year for the approaching FY18 are often going to be vastly different to the plans you will be making heading into FY19. But what has changed and what can I do to prepare my business accordingly?

This past Friday, Reload set out to help businesses answer that question by hosting one of our Quarterly Breakfast Events under the topic ‘Planning Your Digital for the New Financial Year.’ It was a fantastic event that featured presentations from Libby O’Brien, Head of Digital at Flight Centre Travel Group and Reload’s own Managing Director, Craig Somerville. For those who were unable to make it, but could benefit from some wonderful insights into mapping out the upcoming financial year, here is what was covered:

Libby opened the presentation segment of the event by discussing her ‘Top Five Tips for Planning FY18/19’, which included:

  1. Know (or set) your business’ objectives.
  2. Produce a plan. Put it on the page and make sure it’s one you can actually deliver on.
  3. Think small – under promise, over deliver.
  4. Value story – define your success!
  5. Structure for success – now that you’ve defined what success is, do you have the right team and resources to achieve it?

It was safe to say that this advice was invaluable to the audience as the room was full of hands scribbling down notes and heads nodding in agreeance.

Next up was Craig who covered some of the changes and tactics we expect to see in digital marketing over the next financial year and how businesses can plan and update their strategies accordingly. Craig touched on some of the main trends emerging over the new year such as:

  • Online & Offline Merging Further – Customers will expect online and offline experiences to match. There’s no longer a distinction between the digital and the real world as far as customer experience is concerned.
  • Sales Coming From More Channels – Multi-channel shopping and research is becoming the norm.
  • Websites Focused on Intent – Websites are now focused on the customer experience and user journey. This will change how navigation and layout is organized, with more of a focus on the intent of the customer.

Craig also went on to provide some practical steps and tips in planning your digital marketing for FY19 which you can peruse in more detail by following this link to view the slides from his presentation.

If you think your digital could benefit from some extra planning this upcoming financial year, get in touch with Reload today by calling 1300 714 146 or by visiting https://www.reloadmedia.com.au/contact/.

Stay tuned to find out more information about our next Quarterly Breakfast Event by following @Reload_Media on Twitter. We hope to see you there!


Reload Team
Reload Team

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