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Shopify Post Unite Meetup Brisbane – Event Highlights & Key Takeouts, August 8th

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In June this year, Shopify held a global conference in Toronto, bringing together Shopify partners and developers from around the world to prepare for the future of ecommerce. At last night’s #ShopifyMeetup in Brisbane, we recapped the biggest announcements that came out of Shopify Unite and more importantly, unpacked what these mean for ecommerce merchants and marketers. 

Speaking on the panel was Shopify Plus Launch Engineer Josh Bitossi and Reload’s Head of Business Development Emily Forrest. We also heard a great brand story from the founders of Brisbane based activewear label Active Truth, Stevie Angel and Nadia Tucker. These are our key takeouts from the event.


Josh Bitossi, Shopify Plus

First to take the stage was Josh Bitossi of Shopify Plus. Josh gave an overview of the updates that are going to have the biggest impact for Shopify merchants. He started by emphasising the importance of building an online experience that delights buyers, amplifies your brand, and showcases your products in the best possible light. Shopify have been hard at work improving the tools for merchants to achieve this. 

Showcase your products with Video and 3D Modelling 

The way people expect to see products online is changing. For some brands, it can be hard to convey how a product will look and function by simply using images, descriptions and measurements. With Shopify’s new video and 3D model support, merchants can now offer their customers a richer product-browsing experience that allows them to see the products in real life spaces with a full 360 degree view. You can join the Shopify Partner network to learn more and get on board with video and 3D modelling. 


Enhance the post-purchase experience with Order Editing 

New order editing capabilities will allow buyers to edit an order after they’ve placed it. This means customers can easily change their size, quantity, product etc. and merchants can easily send a request for additional payment if necessary. E.g. change size, quantity, products etc. Not only does this make things easier for both buyers and merchants when someone changes their mind, it also opens up huge capabilities for personalisation, customer relationship management, and buyer control. Order editing will be available to all Shopify merchants in the next few months. 


For all the other highlights from Unite, check out this article or browse the slides from the meetup below. 

[slideshare id=163024924&doc=masterdeck-shopifymeetupaugust8th-190811224339]


Emily Forrest, Reload Media 

Next up was Reload’s very own Emily Forrest, who looked at the impact of these new announcements from a marketing perspective. 

Use sections to cross-sell and upsell

With sections now available across every page of your Shopify site, this opens new opportunities to increase sales across different products. Say you’ve got a best-selling product with a landing page that converts really well, but you want to launch a new product that compliments your best-selling product. By adding a section to the page that showcases the new product (with extra images, text and reviews) you can drive sales and improve conversion rates for your new product.

For pages that are getting a lot of organic traffic but aren’t converting, find out why using tools like Google Optimize, Optimizely, and Shogun. Once you’ve completed testing using these tools, you can then implement changes, measure their success, and use the sections function to roll out the changes across your other product pages. 


Explore new international markets with Multicurrency 

Shopify’s new multicurrency and location capabilities will allow merchants to serve localised content all around the world, creating a better user experience for customers shopping outside Australia. 

This will be useful for businesses that are already seeing revenue from other countries, because they can easily translate their content to cater to different locations and more importantly, have data from all countries pulling into one Google Ads account. 


Improve the online to offline relationship with Cart App Extensions 

New POS cart app extensions will enhance the connection between offline and online for merchants using Shopify POS by allowing customers to earn loyalty reward points regardless of whether they’re shopping in-store or online. Merchants can also use this to incentivise purchases – for example, by sending an email to customers in your loyalty program offering double reward points for people who shop in-store on a given day. This can also  improve your customer lifetime value by not restricting the way your customers have to purchase. 

Keep in mind that while many people will want to jump on the bandwagon with the latest new and shiny product, these tools might not be right for every business. Think about your goals, products and target audience before implementing changes like multicurrency and cart app extensions. 


Stevie Angel & Nadia Tucker, Active Truth 

Rounding out the speaking panel for the evening were founders of size-inclusive activewear label, Active Truth. Stevie and Nadia founded the label in 2016 after identifying a gap in the market for an activewear brand that serviced and celebrated the needs of all women. The business has grown rapidly over the last few years, selling over 60,000 pairs of tights to date. Throughout it all, the brand remains true to their mission and values by celebrating the diversity of their customers, refusing to photoshop their models and delivering quality products. 


Go above and beyond with customer service

Stevie and Nadia were aware that there were many women who had been underserved by the activewear market in the past, so it was important to them that they build a brand that women could trust, regardless of their size, shape or stage of life. They started out by including personalised handwritten notes with every single order, writing over 7,000 before they grew too big to continue. 

Their team of now seven staff are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, replying to every comment and review and going out of their way to help their customers find the right product and fit. They’ve found that collecting and publishing customer reviews is a great way to build brand trust. 

If you’re not getting as many reviews as you’d like, try incentivising your customers by offering additional discounts. For example, you might offer 10% off the next purchase for leaving a review, and an additional 10% off for sharing the purchase on social media. 


Perfect your mobile shopping experience 

Part of delivering a positive user experience is understanding where your customers are shopping and tailoring your website accordingly. When Active Truth found that 82% of their website traffic came from mobile users, they made an effort to make their mobile shopping experience as seamless as possible. To achieve this, they simply asked a non-tech savvy user to try and purchase their best-selling product from their own phone. This gave them a few quick wins and other bigger improvements they could make to their mobile experience to ensure the path to purchase was clear and straightforward, regardless of where users are shopping.

That brings another Brisbane Shopify Meetup to a close. This event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our sponsors – dotdigital, Stead Lane, Okendo and Shopify. Our next meetup will once again be held at the Princess Theatre on Thursday October 17th. We’ve already got some exciting speakers lined up (including YouTube!), so make sure you mark your calendars! 

To stay up to date with all the details, make sure you’re following @Reload_Media on Twitter or Facebook, or join our group on Meetup.com.

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Reload Team

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