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Brisbane Networx Event Wrap-Up: ‘eCommerce and Retail Marketing’ – May 2018

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The monthly Brisbane Networx events are something we always look forward to here at Reload, and the most recent May edition was no exception. This month’s discussion was focused around the theme of ‘eCommerce and Retail Marketing’ and was hosted by Laura Campbell, Director of Deloitte Digital. Joining her on the panel was:

  • Camille Socquet-Clerc, eCommerce Manager for Michael Hill International
  • Simon Byrne, Head of Client Strategy for Andzen
  • Mike Angell, Chief Operations Officer of Culture Kings

Once again, the night was full of amazing insights and the Reloaders in attendance took plenty away from the conversations. For those that were unable to make it to this month’s event, or anyone looking for the latest tips on how to enhance your eCommerce or Retail business, take a look at some of our Key Takeouts, below:

Amazon Will Continue to Grow in Australia

Amazon has landed and is here to stay. The hype around this global giant disrupting the Australian eCommerce landscape has been enormous with many online retailers asking the question: “how will it affect us?” and “should I be moving onto the Amazon platform?” Here are some considerations you should make before jumping aboard:

  • Do people genuinely look for the products you sell on Amazon? Is there currently a market there?
  • Amazon is an expensive platform. Think about how low your returns rate is and the margins from sales.
  • Working with all these selling platforms is more effective if your internal systems are streamline, so you aren’t spending a lot of time entering manually.
  • Ultimately if it all checks out from a business point of view and your products are suited to the Amazon market – it’d be silly not to be there.

Intention Marketing Can Have a Large Impact for Ecommerce

Customer retention is such a major part of ecommerce and intention marketing can help keep a familiar brand at the top of mind.

  • A focus on retaining customers also has its financial benefits as the cost of retention as opposed to acquisitions is 1:10.
  • Simple things such as pop-ups asking, “are you sure you want to close this window?”, “send a hint” and “email me my cart” are great ways of nurturing customers to complete a purchase.

Voice Technology and It’s Potential

Although it’s still a developing space, it may be time to start considering how, or if, your business should begin to utilise voice technology:

  • When utilising voice search, think about what problems you can solve for consumers.
  • eBay and Amazon will soon have voice-purchase capabilities.
  • Consider developing your own skill or action dependent on your product. However, be careful of the ‘app effect’ (despite the initial hype, apps weren’t suitable to every business – consider whether the utilistation of voice search marketplaces / voice assistants is applicable to your customers and business).
  • “The addressable consumer market is expanding, but voice apps still have a discoverability, monetisation and retention issue”.

The next Brisbane Networx event will be held on Wednesday June 20th at Loft West End and will focus on ‘Data-Driven Marketing’. In the meantime, follow @Reload_Media on twitter for the latest news and updates on all things digital.

Reload Team
Reload Team

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