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We all know brainstorming is awesome. Here at Reload we absolutely love it, but the problem with brainstorming is you can get a whole bunch of ideas and no key action points.

So today, I’m going take you through methodology that we use here at Reload that will make your brainstorming session ten times more actionable. So, let’s get into it!


The first thing is you want to set a goal. Well it’s okay for any brainstorming session to have a multitude of goals you want to work towards. However, we suggest just working towards one goal at a time. So as we are a digital marketing agency, we’re going to use a goal that we always brainstorm for, increasing leads. That can be any business that wants to increase their web enquiries or something like that.

So as the goal, we’re going to put ‘increase leads’.


Alright, now once we have got our goal we’re going to start brainstorming, working out those ideas, exactly what you are currently doing in any brainstorming session.

So for me, if I was having a brainstorm session around increasing leads, these are some of the ideas that I would come up with.


The first idea is Gleam. So, Gleam is an online tool that you can use to create promotions through social media. We love it, we use it all the time and we think that it’s a great idea to help increase leads.

The second idea is Facebook Lead Ads. So Facebook Lead Ads, again, is a great ad unit we can use to capture email addresses and it’s going to help us towards our goal. So, number two is Facebook Lead Ads.

Now, our third idea is Google AdWords. So Google AdWords allows us to target certain keywords that people look for in Google and we can have some really eye catching ad copy, hoping to generate a lead. So, the third idea is Google AdWords.

Alright, now our fourth idea in this particular circumstance with trying to increase leads is going to be a landing page. So we know online that if we’re pushing traffic through a website we really want to maximise the number of leads that landing page or website can get. So for our fourth idea, we’re going to have a landing page

Now, I could really go all day with a whole bunch of ideas but I’m only going to have one more. So our fifth idea is going to be changing the ‘About Us’ page of your website. Number five is about the about us Page.

So that could be a full redesign or could be just tweaking a copy on that particular page. There we go, we have a clear goal of increasing leads and we got five ideas that we can work towards to help reach that goal.

Once you got that, we’re now going on step three.


So this is where we gonna chart the idea and the potential impact and the time cost or effort associated with that idea. So, with our number one was Gleam.

Now we think that it’s gonna have a reasonably high impact so we’re gonna give it a seven out of ten for impact. Now on the time cost and effort side we’re gonna give that a three because it’s pretty quick and easy to get going.

Now the second idea of Facebook Lead Ads. We think that it’s also have a pretty high impact so I’m gonna give that an eight. However, the time cost and effort associate with setting up the Facebook Lead Ad campaign is a little bit higher than Gleam, so I’m gonna give that a  five.

Now, the third idea is Google AdWords. Now, we think that it’s gonna have a pretty high impact because if someone is looking for a service or product that we already offer we think that they are more likely to inquire and drive that goal, so we’re going to give that a nine for impact. However, the time cost and effort side of an AdWords Campaign can be a little bit higher, so we’re going to give that an eight.

Our fourth idea which was a landing page. Again, we think it’s gonna a pretty  high impact so I’m gonna give that an eight as well and in terms of time cost or effort it’s a little bit higher so I’m gonna give that a nine.

And the fifth idea which is the About Us page. Now, in terms of impact I think that it’s gonna be pretty low so I’m going give that a two. And the time cost and effort of that is also probably gonna be reasonably low, so I’m gonna give that a four.

So that’s step three, where chart and all of those ideas that potential impacts and the time cost and effort. Now we move on to step four.


So this is where we got a table or a chart and it breaks down by high impact to low impact and low time to high time.  So now we simply plot those ideas based on the potential impacts and the time cost and effort. So, we can see number one being Gleam had an impact of seven but also had a time cost and effort of three, so it sits about there, number one.

Number two being Facebook lead ads, it’s got an impact of eight and a time cost and effort of five, so that’s gonna sit there.

Now number three, Adwords impact of nine but a high cost of about eight. So, it’s gonna sit about there, number three.

Now the landing page high impact of about eight and a time cost and effort of nine. So it’s gonna sit over here.

And now the About Us page, idea number five, the impact of two and time cost and effort of four.  Which is going to sit about here as number five.

As you can see in this particular chart there’s four key quadrants so this quadrant here is all about quick wins you got longer terms and you got de-prioritise but still consider and you’ve got forget. Now thankfully this have been a pretty good brainstorming session and there’s not a whole on we can forget.  But it clearly shows on where we should probably start and focus our energy. We can say that number one is in the quick wins quadrant and that’s probably we’re we want to start so setting up a Gleam and promotion to work towards increasing leads is probably we’re we gonna start.

So guys, that’s the methodology now I’m gonna take you to the free tools that you can download on our landing page.

Hey guys so as discussed we’re now gonna go through a couple of tools that will help make your brainstorming session ten time more productive and actionable.

The first tool that we have is this worksheet which is gonna be really handy for you to print off and take for your next brainstorming session or you could use it to list out and prioritise some of your ideas or a particular project or something you’re working on. So as you can see step one print it off, step two add down what you’re key goal is from there step three start to add those ideas in, so exactly like what we did in the whiteboard we got ten spaces here to add them in you might find to have less you might find to have more and this is where you start putting in potential impact and the anticipated time, cost and effort.

Once that it’s done, the final step, step four is to start plotting this on the chart. And like you saw in the video we start having a quick wins emerge down the things you might want to forget about at this stage.

So that is the first tool that we have hopefully that will be really helpful for you. The second tool is a really helpful excel spreadsheet and what it allows you to do is add in what that key goal again and start listing out your ideas and this is where to start listing their impact and effort. So like for the landing page will just add this one in which is the eight and the nine and you can see it automatically appeared over here so this can be a really clever way to visually plot this chart out and as discussed the best way to start is in the quick wins quadrant and normally work your way down from highest impact down to low impact. So where we might start in this particular circumstance is around the Facebook Lead Ads and we might start looking at Gleam. Once when they are complete we might move over to the Google AdWords and to landing page and work our way down.

There you have it guys there’s a couple of tools that will hopefully make your brainstorming session a lot more productive and actionable. Let us know what you think about the tools. Thanks

So that’s how you use the tools. I’m really hope you that found the methodology and the free tools useful, but if you do please make sure you share them in your preferred social channel. Thanks