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Exploring Dynamic Call Tracking and Virtual Receptionists in a Digital Market

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This is a special guest post from Daniel Corbett; Marketing & Brand Manager at Fonebox. If you find this post helpful, please feel free to ‘tip’ Daniel and Fonebox with share on your preferred social network. Thanks and enjoy!

Inbound telecommunications are vital to many businesses. In an increasingly disconnected marketplace, telecommunications are how businesses connect with and deliver services to their customers. Dynamic Call Tracking and Virtual Receptionists Services are two poorly understood tools available to marketers.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Your business is likely investing in advertising to target audiences. But, what do you want your audience to do next?

If, like many businesses, you answered ‘pick up the phone and call us’, you should know about Dynamic Call Tracking.

Dynamic Call Tracking is software that allows you to track the click-to-call conversion rate of separate digital advertising channels. It allows you to understand what marketing activities drive inbound calls.

When a caller contacts your business as a result of visiting your site, software tracks the phone call and captures both the site and call data, including: ad clicked, keyword searched, or the referring site, amongst other data.

This allows digital marketers to drive revenue by optimising marketing campaigns and content. Resulting in more inbound phone calls for your business.

Google Analytics Call Tracking Integration

Ultimately, Dynamic Call Tracking is a valuable tool available to businesses which incorporate inbound telecommunications in their sales pipeline. It closes the loop for marketing agencies or in-house teams, allowing them to attribute actual inbound contact to dollars spent.

Virtual Receptionists

Further down the pipeline, and into the realm of customer service. Ask yourself, what value would 24/7 customer service provide your customers? Or what is the value of an inbound phone call to your business?

A solution to offer both 24/7 customer service and maximise inbound lead capture, may be a Virtual Receptionist Phone Answering Service.

Keep in mind not all phone answering services are equal. A good service allows you to completely customise your inbound customers experience, ensuring your brand integrity is maintained. You should ensure your service is completely based onshore and not outsourced offshore – while this may keep costs down it there is a loss of local feel which may result in a poor customer service experience.

The value provided by a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Service can not be understated in regards to service industries. Think of the opportunity cost a plumber incurs if they miss an emergency call out in the night. The prospect will very likely called the second result of their search.

If your business is seasonal or cyclical, a Virtual Receptionist Service may be the perfect economic solution, that allows you to service your clients over the phone, while avoiding the commitment and expense associated with additional full time staff.

It is worth keeping in mind: research has shown advertising 24/7 customer support increases a site conversion rate.

Virtual Receptionist

In sum, through the prism of the current disconnected market phone calls are now one of the richest ways consumers will ever connect with your brand. Get it wrong and you loose a client, get it right and may have a client for life.

About Fonebox

The Fonebox Group of Companies are Australia’s Leading Provider of Inbound Telecommunication Services with years of experience managing and implementing inbound call solutions for companies big and small around the country.

The team at Fonebox service some of the biggest names and brands across Australia and have been recognised nationally for their success by SmartCompany, BRW and the Australian Institute of Management.

Fonebox specialise specifically in Inbound Numbers, Dynamic Call Tracking, Call Routing, and Phone Answering Services. Since their establishment, the team at Fonebox have focused on three things: low rates, quality service, and custom-built solutions.

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