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Mobile Must Haves in 2016

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How many times a day do you think you check your phone? 20 times? 50?

I think if you were to count you’d be surprised. I was!

I have a nifty little app tells me that on average, I check my phone 122 times per day.

That’s scary!

But what’s even scarier is that I’m below the national average of 150 times per day.


Hearing that kind of a number makes me wonder how we still get anything done, but as I’m sure you’ve experienced, our mobile devices just seem to seamlessly fit into our lives, filling blank spaces of time, helping us find answers instantly, and allowing us to maintain relationships with others no matter where we are.

So for these reasons, it’s no surprise that people are becoming more and more dependent on their mobile devices as the years go on.

Google has clearly caught on to this, recently announcing that from May 2016, an even bigger emphasis will be placed on a site’s mobile friendliness when a user is on a mobile device, in a bid to give users the best possible experience whilst on a mobile device.

This means completely different search results could appear for the same search query simply depending on device, which is why it’s so important that your website is up to date and proving a positive mobile experience.

In light of this, and in combination with the fact that 2016 is tipped to be the year mobile traffic overtakes desktop in Australia, there’s no better time to look at your digital strategy and how it can be optimised for mobile users, so your business can find customers where they are now natively.

I was lucky enough to visit the Google offices in Sydney to get the inside scoop about what’s happening in the mobile realm, and what can be done to make your online mobile presence most impactful. Read on to find out key takeouts!


1. You need to have a mobile presence

The stats:

What it means:
In modern day mobile marketing, it’s all about brand building. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

You need to be a support to your customers though every stage of their decision making journey… and this is probably going to extend outside the parameters of what you’ve previously considered your online conversion funnel. It’s time to start thinking not just about your main conversion goals, but also about ramping up the micro-conversions.

Think: providing answers to specific user queries, user engagement with content, and customer journey optimisation.


2. You need to be useful

The stats:

What it means:
Unfortunately, in this day and age, people are used to getting great information easily at their fingertips – and Google’s objective from an organic perspective is to help that happen by presenting the best information for a particular search query based on complex algorithms. What this means is that you can’t just have a presence… your presence needs to be amazing.

But how can you create a truly valuable experience for your audience?

It’s all about the content. Good quality, bite-sized content can improve user engagement, build brand trust, and ultimately result in more conversions.

Think how to videos, current stock levels, and geographically tailored content. It’s all about connecting with your audience in meaningful way that satisfies their search intent, and doesn’t necessarily push a sale.


3. Make sure your mobile experience is fast and intuitive

The stats:


What it means:
Your website needs to streamline the process for your users to either find the information they are looking for, or to complete a conversion. Users expect lightening fast websites and an intuitive interaction, so you need to anticipate their needs and design your mobile site around these needs first and foremost.

When you consider users’ needs first, you can eliminate unnecessary steps, and create a faster, more conversion friendly experience. Reducing clutter on your mobile site also has the added benefit of increasing load speeds, so you’ll be winning all round!

So there you have it – three key takeouts that will help you optimise your mobile strategy to allow for better brand building, and increase your conversions for one of the largest growing device categories in 2016. As always, if you need help figuring out a mobile strategy for your business, feel free to give the friendly Reload Media team a call!

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