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Saasu: More Than Meets the Eye!

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Following on from Toby Jenkins’ (of Bluewire Media) post about his experience with the Saasu accounting system, we’ve decided to share some of our own highlights and favourite features of this amazing web based accounting software.

Being someone who is admittedly a marketer’s dream consumer (i.e. someone who is sold on ‘pretty’ packaging and frills), I was instantly sold on the visually pleasing nature of the Saasu online accounting system and was convinced that it would transform our business.

Although I’ve learned many times over that a nice parcel with expensive trimmings does not always equal a great product, Saasu has proven to be much more than just a pretty face!

Having trialled Saasu over the past six months for Reload’s daily accounting tasks, we’ve been constantly surprised by the regular innovations, updates and general forward thinking of the Saasu team. It seems that, every time you log in there is a new addition that makes the system more powerful and more user friendly too!

Furthermore, with its clean and user-friendly interface (in comparison to the outdated and clunky MYOB), it is closer to the web based systems that we have become accustomed to using on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s look at some of Saasu’s features that make our life that little bit easier at Reload Media:

Ability to Have Multiple Users

Our previous accounting system only allowed for one user at a time. Having Saasu means our bookkeeper, accounts team and management can all have access to our accounts at the one time.

Online Bank Feeds

The ability to have online bank feeds is MUCH more time efficient than manually entering data, and it means your bank accounts are always current. It’s also extremely simple – you just need your login details from your regular business online banking.

Sale/ Purchase Payments

Another huge time saver Saasu offers is their ‘Sales and Purchase Payments’ tab. This handy tab allows you to apply multiple payments for different invoices rather than entering them in one by one.


Similar to ‘Jobs’ in MYOB, tags allow you to find information about certain transactions or accounts. This has been particularly helpful with sales, as you can search your custom tags in order to gain information about revenue received via different departments.


Your dashboard is the ‘home page’ for your Saasu accounting system. In one quick look you can see a cash flow graph, a summary of your finances and accounts receivable/payable. This can also be customised depending on the information that is most important to your business.


Saasu will always be there for you! Accessibility was a huge motivator for us in migrating over to Saasu. As we are not always in the office when we need to access our accounting system, Saasu provides us with the flexibility of being able to login from anywhere whenever we need to. This is great for checking and interacting with the accounts whilst travelling interstate and internationally.

Multiple Currency Support

Saasu supports 43 currencies, on both sales and purchases! This is especially important for Reload Media’s international expansion.

As Reload have learned with Saasu, there is always more to come. Sassu are constantly evolving their product to meet the needs of their users. No longer do you have to wait for yearly product updates in the mail. Being web based, new features are added almost overnight. This is great for the consumer who is always asking for more and wants it to appear instantaneously (like us!). As is the nature of our lives today we want things to be fast and accessible.

Reload Media highly recommend the integration of Saasu into any business that is interested in a ‘fashion forward’ accounting system that is clean, easy to use, highly accessible and constantly innovating. This is one item we won’t experience ‘buyer’s remorse’ over!

Are you using Saasu? Let us know your experience with the system in the comments section below…

Reload Team
Reload Team

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