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Five Best Practices to Optimise Your Google Shopping Campaigns – Yotpo’s Complete Guide

Yotpo's Google Shopping eBook

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With its proven ability to drive brand exposure, influence consumer behaviour, improve customer acquisition, and increase conversions, Google Shopping has become an invaluable tool for ecommerce. Now holding the majority of Google Paid Search clicks, brands are adapting their digital advertising strategy and shifting their investments from Google Search to Google Shopping. So how can retailers capitalise on this opportunity and maximise return from this critical channel?

Global eCommerce marketing platform Yotpo invited Reload’s Craig Somerville, along with three other industry experts, to share their tips in Yotpo’s Complete Guide to Google Shopping.

Yotpo’s eBook covers everything you need to know about Google Shopping Ads; including how your brand can benefit, new features, best practices to optimise your campaigns, and key trends shaping the future of Google Shopping.

For example, when it comes to Google Shopping, spending more of your budget will not necessarily yield better results. This is why it’s important for retailers to understand how the bidding process works so can determine how much more value they can drive with additional spend.

In this Google Shopping playbook, Craig shares his five best practices to optimise Google Shopping results. These include:

  1. Setting key goals and KPIs for your campaign;
  2. Having a clear product pricing strategy;
  3. Using high-quality product data to dramatically improve Google’s ability to match your products with shopper’s search queries; and
  4. Using the right tools for your ecommerce platform to automatically update and optimise your shopping feeds. Tools like Yotpo help your products stand out in search results by enabling you to leverage star ratings and reviews within your Google Shopping Ads. This type of content is important for building credibility, authority, and demonstrating customer satisfaction.

Click HERE to download Yotpo’s full guide and start driving results for your ecommerce business through the power of Google Shopping.

Reload Team
Reload Team

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