Google Hotpot

Google has recently unveiled its latest creation – Google Hotpot.

Google Hotpot serves as a recommendation platform for restaurants, clothing retailers and more. It essentially allows you to connect with your friends and share your recommendations for others to see.

The most interesting thing to come from Google Hotpot will be it’s integration with Maps,  Places, mobile apps and of course, organic search engine rankings. It is extremely likely that  Hotpot will contribute to the newly updated Social Search expected to be re-launched by Google soon in Australia whereby search results will be influenced by your online contacts and friend lists. There’s plenty going on over at Google!

Rhys Furner

Digital Strategy Manager

As Digital Strategy Manager for Reload Media, Rhys has the privilege of ensuring that Reload delivers innovative solutions that meet our client's objectives. Day to day, Rhys consults to a wide array of businesses on how they can maximise the performance of their digital marketing. Rhys enjoys liaising with industry partners and key stakeholders to ensure that Reload Media is abreast of all new opportunities that exist in the digital landscape. Rhys' passion for digital lies in understanding client objectives to deliver insights that reflect opportunity. In his spare time, Rhys enjoys stroking his fine moustache, playing FIFA and watching/playing sport.