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Part One: Inside Reload with James Boshier

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James is one of our digital marketing consultants at Reload, specialising in SEO. A whizz at the uke and a master at content, James is a welcome addition to the team, bringing his experience as a marketer and content lover for more than a year to our Milton office. With a penchant for making even the grumpiest person laugh and an eclectic, vibrant fashion sense, James makes every day at Reload just that little bit more interesting! Read on to see why we love having him around:

Life at Reload

What brought you to Reload?

I moved from Bathurst and I had a degree in advertising and marketing that I had never utilised. So I asked Reload for an internship but instead they gave me a job writing content. From there, I managed to wing a job through my passion for the industry.

I had no concept of SEO except for some vague explanation my brother gave me. Since then it’s changed. I just wanted to get into digital. I kind of fell into it and enjoyed it!

What makes Reload different to other workplaces?

I’ve worked in family businesses and Reload so one – it’s not being run by my mother! Actually, I’ve also worked with a boutique accommodation provider in Bathurst. So at Reload, you feel a bit more a part of the team, whereas at previous organisations there are hundreds and hundreds of people on the floor, so you’re just one of them.

You walk around with your ukulele a lot. What’s the story behind that?

I have it at my desk as creative thinking time. So if I need a break from doing whatever I’m doing at my desk I get the ukulele out. Uke break.

Outside of the office

What is your #1 most played song at the moment/ever?

Sounds Like Balloons – Biffy Clyro

Coffee or tea?


Rain or sunshine?

It’s a ridiculous question because they both have their benefits. Sometimes apart, sometimes at the same time. Sunny rain.

Computer or console?

Console because I’m lazy!

Apple or Samsung?


Want to say hello to James? You can follow him on Twitter or Google+. Next week, we will talk to our resident moustache-lover, Rhys.

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