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Facebook Interest Lists: An Overview

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Social networking giant Facebook has announced it will begin rolling out a new service called ‘Interests Lists’ that promises to greatly improve News Feed clutter. These lists will allow users to organise relevant information all in one spot; a feature that may well have the Twitter bird flying scared.

With people liking more pages, connecting with more friends and with an ever-growing Open Graph network, Facebook’s News Feed has become a rather crowded place. In fact, many users have great difficulty navigating through their News Feed and are made to trawl through an irrelevant sea of irrelevancy to get to the information they want.

With the launch of ‘Interest Lists’, however, Facebook is hoping to reduce News Feed clutter by presenting users with the information they are most interested in.

Users on Facebook will have the opportunity to subscribe to broader interest feeds such as ‘cooking’, or more specific lists, such as ‘vegetarian recipes’ . Users can also create lists comprised of celebrities, public figures and brand pages and more – the list is endless 😉

As soon as a list is created, an ‘Interests’ tab will appear in the left hand column of the user’s Facebook landing page. The idea in all of this is that by displaying top stories from each Interest group in that users’ News Feed, the whole site will feel customised and, more importantly, much less cluttered.

If by now you’re thinking this all sounds a little similar to how Google+ and Twitter are running their show, you’re not alone. According to TechCrunch, “The release continues Facebook’s battle to usurp Twitter’s control of the interest graph. The feature combined with Subscribe could be good enough to jeopardize Twitter’s long term growth.”

As for my thoughts, I’m not too sure. But I can say with some confidence that I don’t think we’ll be seeing the demise of the little blue bird any time soon. Well, not while Justin Bieber is still tweeting his little teenage heart (throb) out. To be honest, I’d say the player to watch for the real social media uprising is Google+. But that’s for another blog post.

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