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Applying the Four P’s of Marketing to AdWords

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Ok everybody. Time to dust off that old marketing textbook you’re using to prop up your computer – we’re going back to basics!

If you turn to one of the first chapters you will find a tried and true path to AdWords marketing success. The 4 P’s of Marketing.

The 4 P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) should be one of this first ad creation strategies a search engine marketer turns to when building any new AdWords’ campaign. These four elements – which are the cornerstone of nearly all first year marketing textbooks – are of paramount importance in the search engine marketing sphere.

Here’s why.

Search engine marketing is a curious beast. Many bright eyed, bushy tailed newly graduated marketers who find themselves in a search engine marketing position often neglect these core marketing principles and attempt to develop over creative, over complicated and ultimately unattractive search advertising.

However, when creating ads for search engines, marketers need to put results ahead of creative ambitions. By keeping the 4 P’s in mind at all times, a marketer will discover very quickly that utilising some or all of these four elements in their ads – while adhering to strict advertising character limits – will automatically cut the fat off any over-ambitious advertising copy.

This is critical to AdWords success as, through employing this ad creation strategy, one can instantaneously increase any ad’s probability of quickly solving their audience’s perceived problem.

AdWords Solves Problems Quickly

Google is fast becoming the number one go-to source for problem solution amongst consumers. This is great news for advertisers as search engines create a veritable feeding ground of qualified, purchase ready individuals ready to have their problems solved by intuitive, relevant and magnetic advertising. Purchase ready consumers on Google are generally looking to find the quickest and most attractive solution to their perceived problem. So solve their problems quickly and creatively with your ads!

Integrating the 4 P’s

The trick with Search Marketing is to create ads that possess an even balance of creativity and detail about the advertised product/service. If you put yourself in the shoes of a purchase ready consumer on Google, you will begin to understand the importance of utilising the 4P’s in your ads.

For example…

Let’s say you are searching to buy a new acoustic guitar and the following two ads appear:

As you can see, although the first ad in this scenario uses a (somewhat) creative emotional appeal, the second ad would likely generate a much higher CTR as it gives users more than one reason to click.

Let’s break it down.

Assuming the search term was ‘acoustic guitar sydney’, the ad above touches on all four of the 4 P’s:

Product: Acoustic Guitar

Price: From $499

Place: Sydney

Promotion: Huge Acoustic Guitar Sale

The lesson here is to take some time out to evaluate some of your current ads to see whether they are working hard to solve your target audience’s problem. If they aren’t try rebuilding some of your ads with the product, price, place and/or promotion details integrated into your copy.

Or, if you don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself, talk to a specialist AdWords’ firm like Reload.

Reload Team
Reload Team

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