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What is Google AdWords?

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Google AdWords is a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which involves placing advertisements on the Google Search and Display Networks.

Ads placed on the Google Search Network appear above and to the right of the natural search results, and are more often known as ‘Sponsored Links’ (see image below). Whereas, ads placed on the Google Display Network appear on thousands on websites in partnership with Google and capture potential customers whilst they are searching the World Wide Web. It’s almost like a mini billboard that appears every time a user makes a search – only with 4 simple lines and a maximum of 130 characters (including spaces!).

The real beauty of AdWords is that it is a targeted and specific approach to online marketing. AdWords allows users to quickly and effectively increase their websites traffic, revenue and profits by targeting search terms most relevent to their business and creating magnetic ads that solve their target markets search problems. As AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click system, advertisers only pay when someone actually clicks on their ad. This means that a business can be noticed all over the internet, but they will never pay more than the maximum bid that they have set.

Furthermore,  AdWords one of the most measurable forms of marketing available through the inclusion of qualified data checking and traffic analysis. Through AdWords, users can measure how many people click on their ad, compare this to how many people see the ad, and measure the profitability, revenue generated, return on investment and leads generated for their business as a directed result of their AdWords campaigns. This allows users to explicitly see if and how their AdWords campaigns are meeting their business advertising objectives.

You will not find a more effective and measurable marketing platform that can deliver almost instant results through the generation of qualified and quality traffic to your website  than Google AdWords.

On top of amazing measurability, AdWords can target potential customers in a specific geographical areas relevant to a businesses reach. Users can even tailor campaigns to run over a certain time frame so that leads are only generated during available hours!

With all the great things one can achieve with Google AdWords, this does pose one question…

Should businesses manage their own AdWords account, or should they outsource it to a professional AdWords company?

Sure by managing your own Google AdWords account you can save on management fees, but it takes a lot of your time and energy away from what your businesses primary focus. AdWords has the potential to become very costly if not correctly optimised. On the other hand, outsourcing adwords can also be an expensive endeavour.

However, although utilising the skills of a professional AdWords company may cost you extra in management fees,  AdWords Qualified Professionals are trained to ensure that your campaigns  perform at their absolute maximum potential. This means a business will  likely make back the increased costs through decreased overall campaign costs and an influx of relevant customers to their business!

If this post has made you feel the need to join the digital revolution, you can speak to one of our consultants about how we can tailor make a Google AdWords campaign to suit your business needs!

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