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How to Rank Highly in Google

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Matt Travers, one of our fearless campaign managers, explains the key ingredient to great SEO for anyone just starting out. If you find Matt’s advice useful, please feel free to ‘tip’ him with a share on your preferred social network. Thanks!

The first step to understand how to get your website to rank highly in Google is to think of your favourite website and why it’s your favourite slice of the internet.

If it isn’t NBA.com, NRL.com or My Google+ profile then please repeat step one.

Once you’ve thought of your favourite site, think of why it’s your favourite. Is it the sexy meta descriptions or the scandalous source code? Perhaps it’s the juicy title tags that gets your blood rushing.


Well, it must be the site’s content that you care about then!

So guess what…Google also cares about website content…very much.

Of course to rank highly in Google, any website must have all back-end technical elements applied correctly. However once this SEO framework is in place, content is king when it comes ranking on the first page of Google.
No website should EVER overlook the launching platform that content requires to reach its potential though, which comes in the form of ongoing on & off page optimisation.

On-page optimisation (meta things & title somethings etc.) is the initial step to rank your site highly in Google with content then coming in to play which acts as the fuel for off page optimisation, off page optimisation essentially being broken down in to other areas of the web endorsing your site as authoritative content (there it is again!) for the specific subject matter your site is preaching.

Google provides billions of answers every day to users and their search queries. Only ten answers for each search query are displayed on the first page of Google. To ensure you get the opportunity to attract users to your site to answer their initial question of “where can I buy product X?” for example, you need to have content on your site to answer it!

More importantly though, your content should:

  • Provide a clear answer to a question
  • Be engaging
  • Be shareable and linkable
  • Be visually appealing
  • Be interesting

Once you have a constant stream of relevant content, the site is well optimised, and your site has a solid (white hat) link building strategy, you will be well on your way to ensuring that your site has the ability to rank highly in Google.

Of course, if you would rather pay Google a nice little sum through AdWords, you can rank on the first page in no time…but that is a whole different ball game.

You stay classy Sandiego.

Remember, if you found Matt’s advice helpful, he’ll gladly accept your thanks in the form of a share on your preferred social network!

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