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Bing Webmasters – What you need to know?

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Bing is making inroads into the search engine market share. It has a challenging opponent in Google, which still rules the search market. Since Yahoo Search is now powered by Bing and AOL, Ask have only tiny market shares, Google is Bing’s only major competitor. According to Comscore, Bing’s U.S. search market share rose to 15.1% in January 2012. (Source: U.S. Search Engine Rankings)

We expect Bing to increase its global market share over coming next few years. Hence, it is very much essential to target your business on Bing, to gain that 15% traffic. As Bing powers Yahoo, who has another 15 % market share, there is a possibility to attract 30% visitors.

One can easily track their site performance through Bing webmasters tool. Some of their main features are:

Traffic Summary

Traffic summary displays 6 month history of traffic and search query performance. It provides great insight into top performing keywords for your site. The data is drilled down into impressions, clicks, CTR’s. Average Search Position & Average Click Position. Bing has also included Yahoo traffic stats, into this.

Page Traffic Report

The Page Traffic report shows the same charts as the Traffic Summary page with the exception of the bottom chart, which shows page level metrics.

Index Explorer

There is a great feature called Index Explorer, where we can block specific pages or directories from the Bing index. You can block the cache of pages or entire directories with ease.

Submit URLS:

This feature allows webmasters to submit url’s previously not indexed. However, there is a limit of 50 URL’s submission per month.

Inbound links:

This section displays inbound links to your website. It details inbound links for specific page along with their anchor text. This is one of the most important tools to check site authority and see how your keywords are linked. They also provide an export functionality to download the data.

Deep Links:

These Deep Links are assigned to websites which are seen by Bing to be “authoritative” on the topic which they target. They are similar to Google site links.

URL Normalization:

It allows you to specify query parameters for Bing to ignore. This is useful when urls encounter parameter issues, which can lead to duplicate content issues.

Crawl Summary:

It shows total number of pages crawled, along with crawl error of the landing page for this category. You can review data for past 6 months.


This is where you’d submit your sitemap to Bing. This is very useful to inform Bing about your site’s structure and discover pages not indexed.

User Management:

It allows webmasters to grant admin, read/write or read only access to other users for their site.

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