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How Google My Business Can Help Small Business Owners

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It is crucial to keep all of your business information up-to-date on the web in order to spread brand awareness and engage your audience. This helps your customers easily find you and for you to stay in touch with them.

For this very reason, Google has released a new tool called Google My Business. This tool lets you control and keep your business information consistent throughout the different Google services, such as Google search, Google maps and Google+.

Google My Business is not a completely new product. Rather, it is a user-friendly tool combining Google+ Local (Formally Google Places) and Google+ Business page. This lets you manage your Google+ Local and Google+ page from a single location and also enables you to access the critical information about the performance of your pages. This allows you to easily get in touch with your audience and keep an eye on your brand performance on Google without logging into different tools.

Let’s have a look at how!

Let your customers find you anywhere

With Google My Business, your business will appear on Google search, Google Maps and Google+. The tool enables your customers to find you or get in touch with you from any device they’re using. It’s now convenient for your customers to stay in touch with you and learn more about you before they utilise your service or visit you personally.

Connect with customers

It has become easier than ever for you to connect with your audience from one single spot, no matter what device you use. This can help you to build a good relationship with your existing and prospective customers.

Stay current

google+With Google My Business, your business will appear on Google search, Google Maps and Google+. The tool enables your customers to find you or get in touch with you from any device they’re using. It’s now convenient for your customers to stay in touch with you and learn more about you before they utilise your service or visit you personally.

Know what your customers have to say about you

reviewsGoogle My Business brings all your business reviews to you from Google+ and around the world in one spot, allowing you to view and directly reply to the reviews. This way, you can respond to customers personally. The responses you make are publically displayed so your potential customers can see you really care about them and add additional value to your brand and its services.

Connect with them face to face

hangoutIt is now possible for you to make face to face communication with customers around the world. You can use Google’s Hangout service to call your followers directly from the one spot. This can be very handy when you want to show a group of customers your new products and explain your services to potential customers who are unable to physically visit your business.

As mentioned earlier, you can now do all these activities from a single spot regardless of your devices. From the My Business website to the free app available for Android and iOS devices designed by Google, you can enjoy the same functionality across your devices.


If you would like to download the My Business App, click on the below links.


Get Insights on your brand performance

insightsGoogle My Business provides great insight on your brand performance by compiling the statistical data from your Google+, reviews and Google Analytics into a single dashboard.

Google+ Insights

The Insights section provides great information about the recent activities of your Google+ page. You can now easily see how many people are viewing and clicking on your Google+ listing from Google search results. This allows them to find out information such as a phone number or a web address. This is a good way to see the performance of your Google+ Local listing.

You can now measure your audience engagement with this content by checking customer actions (+1, comments, shares), numbers of views on your recent posts / photos and average actions by types on the post you share.

You can also see this valuable data in graph format. For example: the below graph shows the average views of a particular business and its content over the last 30 days.

view-insightsMoreover, you can view the insights from new followers who have joined your Google+ Business by their location, gender and age. With this you can help to target your audience by their specific age or location.

Review Insights

reviews-analyticsYou can also see your average rating reviews by Google users and around the web.

Rating-StatsYou can view this data on your mobile phone or tablet using the My Business app mentioned earlier.

Analytics and YouTube insights

If your Google My Business, Google Analytics and YouTube channel are registered with the same Google account, you can view your Google Analytics and YouTube data here as well. This provides brief information about the sites new visitors, unique visitors and pageviews.


youtubeBy having this statistical data in one place, you can help keep an eye on your business performance within Google.

A little confused? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s next?

Okay, so this tool looks great but, how can I use it?

You don’t need to do anything if you already have a Google places or Google+ business page. They will be automatically transferred and manageable in the Google My Business tool. Simply visit google.com/business and sign in using your normal Google places or Google+ account.

If you don’t have a Google+ Local or Google+ page yet, you can create an account by visiting the same URL google.com/business and click “Get on Google”!

What happens to my existing Google Places or Google+ Local and Google + Business pages?

Your existing listings are now upgraded to My Business automatically so you can now modify information across your Google+ and Maps using this tool.

Do I need to create separate Google accounts for each business location?

No, you can add multiple Google+ business pages using the same Google My Business account, making it easier to manage each location and track the performance.

Can I add my team members to access our listings?

Yes, definitely! It is possible to add people to manage your store location. This is particularly helpful if they want to publish a specific post about a store.

You can do this by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button on the dashboard of the location page and then click on the Manager tab and click on the ‘Add Managers’ button.

Do I need to verify my business listing?

Yes, Google only provides the statistical information and then publishes the information you modify. You will, however, need to verify your business listing beforehand.

Can I use the same tool if I have more than 10 locations?

Yes, you can use all the features of this tool for your multiple locations and you can manage all your locations through Google My Business Locations.

Google My Business is a revolutionary offering from Google that looks to offer huge benefits for local businesses. To get started, head to Google My Business today.


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