How SEO Friendly is My Website?

Are you wanting to drive customers to your website and know SEO is a great way of doing so but aren’t sure whether your site is ready? Or perhaps you’re already partaking in SEO but want to know a few handy tips on making your site more attractive to the search engines? Well, whether you’re a business owner or a webmaster, you can improve your site and increase its potential to rank better within the search engine result pages (SERPs) by simply implementing and modifying a number of factors in various areas of your website.

Key SEO Factors

To keep things simple, we have included a handful of factors which we think are both important and can be easily analysed to determine how SEO friendly your site is. These include; the page title, how unique and relevant your content is and what server-side practices have been performed such as URL rewriting. We’ve also ordered these factors by importance and have included the area it specifically resides in.

Website Area Examples

  • Page Title: Document Head
  • H1 Tag (Heading): Document Body
  • URL Rewriting: Server-Side
  • Robots.txt file: Miscellaneous

Key Factors – Most Important

  • Do I have unique Page Titles on all my pages which incorporate the keywords I want to target? – Document Head
  • Do I have unique content on all my pages that is relevant to both the page name and my website? And are the keywords I want to target for each page incorporated naturally within the content? – Document Body
  • Can search engines crawl and index my website? – Miscellaneous
  • Do I have a blog or news section which is updated regularly with unique and relevant content? – Miscellaneous

Key Factors – Important

  • Do I have more than one Page Title element per page? – Document Head
  • Does my website employ URL rewriting? – Server Specific
  • Are the keywords I’m targeting stuffed in any kind of manner for any of my pages? – Document Body & Document Head
  • Do all my pages have H1 tags? And is each H1 tag relevant to each page? – Document Body
  • Is my website located in the country I am targeting? – Server Specific

Key Factors – Somewhat Important

  • Do I have META Description tags on all my pages? And are they unique for each page? – Document Head
  • Do I have more than one H1 tag per page? – Document Body
  • Are the following tags and elements using the appropriate amount of characters? – Document Head
    • Page Title
    • META Description
  • Does my website avoid linking excessively both internally and externally? – Document Body
  • Does my website have an XML sitemap? – Miscellaneous
  • Is my website optimised for best performance? – Server Specific

If you’re finding that 50% of the above factors haven’t been optimised or at least implemented (specifically Most Important & Important factors), then your site isn’t as SEO friendly as it could be. We therefore recommend speaking with a qualified SEO company to audit your site and provide professional recommendations to increase your sites SEO friendliness.