Tips for Managing SEO Teams

I’ve been running digital marketing businesses for over 13 years and I have to say some of the best teams to work with are search engine optimisation or SEO teams.

This is because in the SEO game you have many different areas that make up the team. And a smooth running and engaged SEO team can really make a huge difference for client’s websites and their revenue opportunities.

Staff within an SEO team include SEO Consultants, Account Managers, Project Managers, Account Directors and ROI staff. Then there is also all the support staff such as the Administration team, the SEO content writers, SEO link builders and so forth.

I’ve found over the years that these tips below are some of the best ways to get the SEO success that every client deserves:

  1. Ensure the SEO team are all on the same page. Not the same “web page”, but in terms of their communication strategies between each other. Make sure that they know how each part of the SEO process works.
  2. Provide the SEO team with the right tools to do their job. Things like SEOMoz and Rank Tracker are a given, and if there isn’t a certain tool available, then I recommend looking into building it in-house. This is what we have done with our CRM solution and the SEO team love it.
  3. Make sure there is a “Life/Work Balance” policy within your organisation, and the SEO teams know that you really care about their time away from the office too. I find a balanced environment in and out of the work increases SEO productivity and gets the team away from the screens. We have a pool table in our office that is used all through the day (mainly by the SEO team) as they tell me it’s a great way to clear they heads during a quick break.

Overall, it’s the same as in any busy working team. Look after your SEO staff and they will look after your client’s rankings. And this is what it’s all about.

Llew Jury

Founder, Executive Director

Llew Jury is the founder and Managing Director of Reload Media. He is an experienced digital entrepreneur, having previously co-founded and sold Alfresco Design, Queensland's largest web design company. At Reload, Llew oversees the strategic expansion of the business worldwide and works with leading brands on all aspects of their digital strategies. This includes search engine optimisation, social media, search engine marketing, website usability and more. Llew is the Lord Mayor's Young Business Person of the Year, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and has been a finalist and winner for many management and export awards.