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Brisbane Shopify Meetup Highlights – January 31st

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On the 31st of January, Reload Media had the pleasure of hosting the fifth quarterly Brisbane #ShopifyMeetup, run in partnership with Shopify. It was a huge success, with more than two hundred people in attendance. If you’ve never been to a Shopify meetup, it’s a great opportunity for users – both current and potential – to engage with each other, as well as developers, digital agency representatives and Shopify experts themselves. Not only is the Shopify Meetup a great networking event, but attendees get the chance to listen to guest speakers that offer insight into getting the best out of their business’ ecommerce services. Below is a quick video that recaps some of the highlights from the most recent event.

At this last meetup, guest speakers included Belinda Sharpin of the extremely successful Australian lingerie company Honey Birdette, Steven Visic of Smart Send and Shopify Plus’ own Joshua Bitossi. Needless to say, each speaker was very well received and left attending Shopify users excited and with new ideas on how to continue developing their ecommerce offerings.

It’s always captivating to hear a success story, but it’s even better to hear how someone achieved that success. In her address, Belinda Sharpin chose to share some of the ways that Honey Birdette increased their online sales through their Shopify platform. Belinda went into detail on how Influencer Marketing worked for Honey Birdette, as well as how partnering with us here at Reload Media led them to significantly increasing their online sales. In short – Honey Birdette is getting ecommerce RIGHT in 2018. For many attendees, it was a real treat to see some of the simple steps a business can take to nurture their online sales and how those steps can lead to satisfying results in a short period of time.

Anyone running an online store knows that sometimes shipping can be sometimes be both a logistical and financial hassle. Luckily, Steven Visic of Smart Send was present to let budding Shopify users in on a few tips and tricks to reduce the stresses of starting an online trade business. Hex explained how to ‘simplify shipping’ by utilising shipping specific apps like Smart Send’s own Shipping Unlimited, designed to work in cooperation with the Shopify platform.

The final speaker of the evening was Joshua Bitossi, one of the launch engineers from Shopify Plus. There are a few pre-requisites that need to be achieved to qualify for Shopify Plus, but if your business is thriving within the standard Shopify platform and seems to have the capacity to continue expanding across markets, this may be something worth looking into. Joshua spoke on the importance of creating an effortless experience for customers and that in fact, sometimes customer service drives disloyalty.

This concept may seem counter-intuitive at first, but as Joshua went onto explain, when a customer has a negative customer service experience, they are (according to a recent CEB survey) 3.93x more likely to become disloyal rather than being satisfied by the service. With the help of a few practical Shopify specific examples, Joshua explained how that aiming for a consistently good experience, as opposed to remarkable experience can be far more beneficial. This can be achieved by ensuring minimal channel switching (preferably none) and allowing customers to be able to find their own answers. Often, having no customer service experience is better than having any.

So, if you are a current Shopify user, or may be thinking about starting an online business, come along to the next #ShopifyMeetup that will be held on Thursday the 19th April, 2018. As you can see, they are full of great advice. In the meantime, keep in the loop by joining the “Brisbane Shopify Meetup” group on Meetup.com and make sure to follow the Reload Media twitter account @reload_media for updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meetup!

Reload Team
Reload Team

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