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Choosing a Social Media Marketing Company

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There are plenty of so called “social media experts” out in the digital marketplace at the moment. However, there are few things you need to consider before forking over your hard earned cash to your chosen social media guru.

Firstly,  as search engines are now factoring in social media content and interactions into their algorithms more and more, it is a no-brainer that social media is becoming a critical factor in the online success of your business. However, it is important that your chosen social media  partner develops a strategy to suit your business needs and objectives.

I see a few parallels with the late 90’s. Back then, many web design companies were trying to push every business into building an eCommerce powered website – even if there was no strategy behind it.

I see this happening in the Social Media landscape today. Many companies and ‘experts’ are simply pushing for their clients to build Facebook pages and twitter accounts without giving a second thought as to the reasons why the client needs these mediums or how they should be using these channels.

Choosing the right channels is a critical factor in any Social Media strategy. Where a Facebook page might be the best way to engage customers for one client, a poignant, industry leading blog might be the best solution for another.

It is also important to remember that, although social media can be very powerful, it often cannot replace the relationship building power that a simple lunch with a client can have.

Does your business rely heavily on offline relationship building and high valued, ongoing clients? If so, your social media strategy would not be customer relationship management focused.

However, I do personally believe that the integration of social media is critical to the success of the modern business; but only if an air tight social media strategy has been drafted first.

So where do you start when looking to hire a social media marketing company or strategist?

I have complied six top tips that I believe will help you narrow your search:

  1. Look for a company who is aligned with your business vision and mission. They need to understand your “DNA” and all that you stand for so that they can correctly look at the reasons for setting up your social media strategy.
  2. Choose someone with proven success and a good track record in developing successful, custom social media strategies for their clients.
  3. Make sure you have a meeting with your company/strategist to discuss or determine your social media goals and objectives.
  4. Find out from your company/strategist what they envision to be the optimum strategy for your business. Do you agree with this? You don’t want to pay lots of money on a strategy you are not comfortable with or do not have the resources for.
  5. Demand that a content calendar is developed as part of your social media strategy. If they don’t know what this is then do not hire them!
  6. Find out if your Brisbane social media company offers ongoing strategy and co-management of accounts.

There are other factors just as important, but these should get you started on the road to social media success!

Reload Team
Reload Team

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