Digital Marketing During Coronavirus

We can help pivot your marketing strategy to set your business up for success during COVID-19 and beyond.

Adapting to the Effects of Coronavirus

With a rapidly evolving economic climate and unprecedented times ahead, many businesses are feeling the impact of COVID-19.

What we’re seeing across Australia and around the world is that every industry is different when it comes to the effects they’re experiencing – some businesses are growing rapidly,  others are declining and some are just very unpredictable as consumer behaviour shifts online. This means it’s important to have an agile marketing strategy in place to protect your business against slowing demand and capitalise on any new opportunities that arise.

At Reload, we’re helping our clients adapt to a changing market and new customer behaviours. Find out how we can help you adapt your marketing strategy to suit the new normal.

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How We Can Help You Respond

Demand Growing -
Need Help Scaling My Business

Are you all of a sudden finding yourself with rising online engagement and spikes in sales? We can help scale up your campaigns to grow your market share during this time and make the most out of this increased demand. For these businesses, now is the time to ensure these new customers don't disappear once things return to normal.

Demand Slowing -
Need Help Pivoting My Strategy

If you're seeing a decline in enquiries or transactions, we can help adapt your marketing strategy and update your digital campaigns so you can get the most out of your marketing efforts during this time. When times are tough, focusing on the tactics with the best ROI is crucial, and we'll help you understand what parts of your marketing is still working so you can maximise its efficiency.

Customers Going Online -
Need to Digitally Transform

With many people contained to their homes, customers are spending more time online, both buying and researching. Across many industries, consumer behaviours are changing, perhaps for good and this means that many businesses need to rapidly up their game in terms of how they engage with customers online. We're able to help you chart a path to be ready for this more digital future of commerce.

How We've Helped Brands Adapt During COVID-19

At Reload Media, we’re helping our clients adapt to a changing market and new customer behaviours.

These are just some of the ways we’ve helped brands respond to the impact of coronavirus.

Adjusted Footfall / Online Store Balance
We've helped many retailers redirect their footfall-driving campaigns to their online stores instead, focusing on where their customers are now.
Create Loyalty From New Customers
For one brand suddenly attracting lots of new customers, we devised a loyalty strategy to ensure they stay customers once the coronavirus-induced demand ends.
Digitise Offline Interactions
For a traditional brand that has relied on face-to-face interactions for sales, we helped them create online alternatives for these touchpoints.
Focus on Products Suited for Home
For many of our brands, we've helped them adjust their marketing mix to focus on the products or services that are suited for those isolating at home.

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