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How using product reviews can power smarter segmentation

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With better insight into who your customers are, what they want, and what they’re struggling with, you can create more effective marketing campaigns that increase sales and boost engagement. 

More and more ecommerce brands are on the lookout for nifty tools to help them synchronise their customer data — and for a good reason. The key to this is simple: personalisation. 

Personalised email marketing boasts a
median ROI of 122%. This stat alone explains why tailoring your messaging to speak directly to each segment of your audience is worth your time. 

And this is where the new Okendo-Klaviyo integration offers an invaluable helping hand. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Personalised customer engagement

Okendo provides merchants with everything they need to gather valuable customer insights. Its customer and product data collection feature, Attributes, enables retailers to develop a microscopic understanding of their customers, by analysing the insights they provide in product reviews.

This is done at the post-purchase phase of the customer journey when a timely review request email is sent asking the customer to review their most recent purchase. Here, the merchant can ask the customer a series of personal and product attributes to select or rate, providing the merchant with deeper insights on things such as
customer satisfaction, pain points, and product usage. 

For example, if you’re a makeup brand, you can ask customers to select their skin tone from a range of options like “Fair”, “Medium”, “Tan”, or “Dark”. From here, you can use Okendo’s customer data sync to take this data and make it accessible inside Klaviyo to create advanced segmentation and leverage it in your digital marketing campaigns. 

This offers brands exceptional insight into how they should be interacting with customers in future campaigns. You can then segment your audience based on skin tone to send personalised product recommendations and tutorials fit for their skin type.  

This enables you to accurately segment your email lists inside Klaviyo and deliver a more personalised customer experience. This also puts you in a better position to create content that builds on those customer interests. Getting this right is key to boosting audience engagement. This, in turn, promises a hike in conversions!

Not only that, but Okendo’s customer data sync can help merchants optimise customer acquisition via Facebook and Instagram Ads. Once the customer data collected using Okendo’s attributes is synced to the customer profile in Klaviyo, it can be used to build Custom and Lookalike Audiences. The customer data that is pulled into the ads exempts Personal Identifiable Information, and is done in a secure and data privacy friendly matter. 

What’s more is with the triggers and data provided by Okendo, you can also build more advanced automated workflows inside of Klaviyo.

Imagine you’re an apparel brand and have a large customer segment consisting of females aged 18-25, who love your denim products. If a customer is a raving fan, leaving five-star reviews accompanied by photos of the products in use, you could send an email with the latest reviews from a similar collection and encourage her to post pictures of your products on social media in exchange for a reward. 

Boost Customer Engagement

The Okendo-Klaviyo integration makes syncing customer data a breeze. It works seamlessly in the background, allowing you to personalise your marketing campaigns by better segmenting your customer lists based on meaningful attributes. Within minutes you can send personalised content that encourages your following to better engage with your brand. 

You can also send automated review requests directly from your Klaviyo account. This enables merchants to streamline their email flows within a single platform, giving them better visibility into their customer communications and helping to consolidate reporting. 

You can also personalise these messages using Klaviyo’s email templates and builder to ensure that the design of your review request emails matches the rest of your communications.

Reviews are an essential step towards building reliable social proof. After all,
72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews. 

With better customer insights and established trust, you’ll soon enjoy a boost in sales and customer loyalty.

Find out more about the Okendo-Klaviyo integration by contacting a Reload Strategy Specialist today. Receive your first 60 days free when you book a demo with Okendo

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