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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) provides an effective and efficient, super targeted, flexible, and easy to track advertising solution for businesses of all sizes.

In its purest form, PPC search advertising allows businesses to target specific, high profit keywords on the world’s most popular search engines. By doing this, advertisers are able to intercept qualified searchers with tailored, relevant messages at the top and right hand side of the search results pages.

And guess what? It really works!

If you are a person that says ‘I never click on the ads on Google’, give us a call and we’ll let you know about how we’ve been able to achieve returns of over $30 for every dollar spent on Google AdWords!

There are no tricks or black magic here. In most cases a successful pay per click advertising strategy will target high value keywords using magnetic ad copy, high converting keywords, relevant landing pages, and irresistible unique selling propositions.

How do you know which keywords are valuable?

How do you know how to increase your landing page conversion rates?

How do you write a magnetic ad?

Well that’s where our amazing digital marketing team come to the party; a keen bunch of digital marketers that are obsessed with delivering real, transparent and (most importantly) profitable results to our clients.

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What is PPC?

PPC is an online advertising payment method whereby an advertiser is only required to pay for their advertising when a user actually clicks on their ad.

Amazing right?! You’ll literally only pay for the ads that bring actual, qualified traffic to your website.

The most common form of PPC is search advertising and the largest search advertising platform in the world is known as (yep, you guessed it) Google AdWords.

By implementing (and continually optimising) a professional PPC strategy, your business will be able to appear wherever your most valuable customers are searching or browsing online. This of course can deliver increased website traffic, enquiries, sales and profit dollars through the door for your business.

Are you capturing the search traffic of your most valuable customers yet? Get in touch with Reload now to find out more!

Why is Pay Per Click Advertising Critical For Your Business?

Find out in just 3m 22s why pay per click advertising is critical for your business:

How Does PPC Work?

When most people think of PPC advertising, they think Google AdWords. However, PPC is just simply an advertising payment method and can be applied to a number of different types of advertising. For example:

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising is by far the most common form of PPC advertising. This type of advertising allows your business to bid on specific search engine search queries (keywords) in order to serve targeted ads to users while they are searching for specific products or services.

There are a number of benefits with this form of advertising:

  • You can appear on the first page of the search engines immediately for relevant keywords
  • You can create call to actions that will appeal to your target market in a bid to entice them to click
  • You only pay each time someone clicks on your ads, meaning there is very little wastage when it comes to your advertising budget
  • You can set your monthly budget and geographic targeting
  • You can closely monitor the performance of keywords and ads and quickly make adjustments
  • You can capture analytical data and make informed decisions about other online marketing opportunities such as SEO

If your business requires a search engine advertising strategy, contact Reload Media today through the form to the right or by calling us on 1300 095 243.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is another popular form of PPC advertising. Display advertising is great for branding and awareness objectives by extending the visibility for your PPC campaigns.

Display advertising allows your business to display banner ads on relevant websites that your target market visit. For example, if you sell footballs, we could target football related websites with online banner ads to entice viewers to click on your ad, visit your website and (hopefully) buy or enquire about your products.

There are a range of display ad networks such as the Google Display Network (often the most commonly used and most cost effective) and premium networks like NineMSN or Yahoo 7.

Social Advertising

Facebook advertising is another form of pay per click advertising. The advantage of Facebook advertising is that your business can directly target people based on demographics, geographics and psychographics.

For example, if you know that your target market is males aged 18-25 who like football & who are based in metro areas, you can directly target them with Facebook ads.

LinkedIn PPC advertising is another great way to target specific audience groups. On LinkedIn, advertisers are able to target users with certain job titles in specific locations. This is an excellent social advertising solution for B2B businesses.

Social advertising is a great way to drive website traffic or drive engagement with your brand on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Video Advertising

Video advertising can be a great way to gain more exposure for your TV commercials or video content. Utilising networks like YouTube, you can serve your video content directly to your target market/s cost effectively.

Ask our consultants about TrueView advertising - a form of pay per view (PPV) advertising on YouTube where you only pay if someone watches your entire ad (or 30 seconds of it)!


Remarketing is a form of PPC advertising where we display advertising to users based on the behavior they exhibited on your website the last time they visited.

For example, if a user visited your website, put a product in their shopping cart but didn’t purchase, we might use remarketing to serve them an ad about that specific product. We can even discount the product in order entice the user to return and complete their purchase.

We can create remarketing tactics for all sorts of different website behaviours. For example:

  • Users who browsed certain website areas but didn’t purchase/enquire
  • Users who did purchase or enquire (advertising other products or services they might be interested in)
  • Users who signed up to a newsletter
  • Users who watched a video, downloaded a PDF or consumed some other form of content
  • Users who generated a quote
  • Users who browsed multiple specific pages on your website

The list goes on and on!

Remarketing is a super effective way to create multiple touch points with your target market and encourage them to come back and convert on your website. It is also a great tactic with regards to creating top of mind brand awareness.

Get in touch with Reload Media today to discuss your requirements and what PPC strategies are right for your business.

Our PPC Clients

Signet Jetts Tyre Power QBD Subway

Reload Media is a Quality Assured and Google Qualified PPC company based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We work with a wide range of Australian, New Zealand and UK businesses to deliver high quality and ROI focused pay per click advertising strategies.

We’d love to work with your business too, so get in touch with us by using the form on the right or calling us on 1300 714 146.

Our PPC Packages

Reload Media has a range of PPC packages designed for Australian business, large and small. We also offer corporate level programs for businesses after a completely customised PPC solution.

  • PPC Silver


    Businesses operating in a low to moderately competitive industry
    $490per monthMore Info
  • PPC Gold

    Yahoo & Bing (if required)

    Businesses operating in a moderately competitive industry
    $990per monthMore Info
  • PPC Platinum

    Yahoo & Bing (if required)

    Businesses operating in a highly competitive industry
    $1,890per monthMore Info
  • PPC Corporate

    Any Platform

    All businesses who require a customised solution
    Custom Proposal
    More Info

In determining what sort of package is right for your business, it largely depends on the following:

  • Your industry competition
  • Your products, services and targeting
  • How aggressive you want to be in the space

Learn more about our PPC packages.

Get in touch with Reload Media today to discuss your requirements and what PPC package is right for you.

Our PPC Process & Methodology

As Australia’s only Quality Assured (ISO 9001:2008) PPC agency, we only create and optimise best-practise PPC strategies. This leads to higher PPC performance and return on investment for you.

In implementing a PPC strategy, we take the following process:

  1. Understanding your business
  2. Keyword research
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Initial website review and recommendations
  5. Initial campaign creation for your approval
  6. Ongoing optimisation:
    • Adjusting your PPC campaign to better focus on higher performing areas
    • Analysing your Google Analytics to identify trends and conversion patterns
  7. Detailed monthly reporting with ongoing recommendations and analysis

Learn more about our PPC Methodology.

Get in touch with our Digital Strategy Team today to discuss your PPC requirements.

Our PPC Reporting

Reload Media offers comprehensive PPC reporting. This allows you to determine exactly how your PPC campaigns are performing through a transparent and easy to understand manner.

PPC Reporting

Learn more about our PPC reporting.

If you’re ready to get started with a PPC strategy, contact us today by filling in the form on the right or calling us on 1300 714 146.

PPC Case Studies

So now you know all about PPC, let’s see how this has really impacted some of our client’s businesses.

See more of our case studies.

ARA Aviation Australia National Storage PPQ Subway

Have these case studies piqued your interest? Call 1300 714 146 now or use the form on the right and we will be in touch to discuss your pay per click advertising requirements.

Our Team Presenting On PPC

Paul Goldston

Google Engage
Paul Goldston - Head of ROI

Brisbane Convention Centre, South Bank, Brisbane

Paul recently completed a whirlwind tour around Australia and New Zealand as a guest of the Google Australia team. On the tour, Paul discussed the importance and value of Google+ from an agency perspective.

Craig Somerville

Online Retailer Exhibition
Craig Somerville - General Manager

Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Craig was recently selected to speak at the Sydney Online Retailer Conference. Craig discussed the importance of SEO for all online retailers and how implementing SEO correctly can hugely benefit an online business.

Kate Cook

Australian Institute of Management
Kate Cook - Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Spring Hill, Brisbane

Kate recently presented to management professionals from some of Queensland and Northern Territory’s most innovative companies on how to get the message right across digital communications. Kate specialises in pay per click advertising and social media marketing and was able to share this knowledge with management professionals so they could better understand the importance of getting a marketing message right across different digital channels.


PPC may be a bit to grasp initially, however we’ve created and executed many high performing PPC campaigns for clients in all industries and of all sizes. If you’d like to learn a little more about PPC, contact us today. We’re more than happy to take you through the ins and outs in more detail and see if PPC is something that your business can capitalise on.

So go on, get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 095 243.

In the meantime, below are some frequently asked questions about SEO from our blog.

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