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Case Study

ARK Skincare

218% YoY email revenue growth with a sophisticated Klaviyo strategy

The Challenge

After many years of using Mailchimp as their email marketing platform, ARK Skincare were in need of a more sophisticated email platform and email strategy to better engage their customer base.

When moving from one Email Service Provider (ESP) to another, your sender reputation starts again meaning Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail etc don’t recognise you as a safe sender straight away. To mitigate the risk of going into a junk box, we worked with ARK Skincare delivering a warm up process including database cleaning, setting high engagement automations live & gradually sending campaigns to the highest engaged audience.


The Process

Database Cleaning: After collecting many emails over the years, often databases require some list cleaning to separate the engaged users from the unengaged users. A healthy open rate is anything above 20%, so with that in mind we supress dormant subscribers. 

Setting High Engagement Flows Live: The next stage of the warm up is setting the highest engagement flows live such as a welcome flow and an abandoned cart flow. After these had sat for 2 weeks slowly starting to build a reputation for the brand, we then moved to the gradual campaign sends.

Gradual Campaign Sends: If you were to send to a list of thousands of people straight away, Gmail, Outlook & Hotmail would wonder how you got so many subscribers so quickly and flag as spam. The final phase of the warm up is segmenting the database by past engagement and gradually sending campaigns over time. 


The Solution

Having worked with ARK skincare for many years across multiple channels (Email, PPC, Social etc) our team are constantly involved in helping set the strategy for their annual marketing plans.

For ARK Skincare this meant, once the warm up was complete and we had insured emails were landing in inboxes worldwide, we set up advanced automations including post purchase automations asking for customer reviews, replenishment reminders based on Klaviyo’s predictive analytics and referral automations to incentivise word of mouth.

The Results


email percentage revenue. up from 19% previous year.


Increase in Email revenue YoY.


Extra email revenue from automations alone.

“Alongside paid search and paid social retainer work, Reload recently worked on an email migration and optimisation project for us. Moving us to a new email platform involved them project managing the migration, developing best practice email templates, developing and implementing a strategy for automation and training key members of our team. The whole project was handled expertly by Reload. We felt in safe hands with an expert helping us through the migration, and the results we’ve seen since switching have been fantastic!”

Katie Sangers - Director

About ARK Skincare

The multi award winning, skincare brand, ARK Skincare have been quietly challenging what it means to be a skincare brand in the 21st century by offering age intelligent products.

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