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SEO for Brisbane Businesses

Let our local, Brisbane team achieve the SEO results that matter to you most

Trust Brisbane's #1 SEO Agency

Since 2008, the team at Reload Media have been catapulting Brisbane businesses to the top of the world’s leading search engines with our customised, evidence-based approach to SEO services. But that’s just the beginning:

  • Completely Tailored SEO Solutions: No two clients are the same
  • Australia's Best Digital Services: We've been recognised as the best of the best amongst Australia's leading agencies | B&T Award Winner 2019
  • No Jargon & No Excuses: We strive to build relationships based on integrity and trust and are completely transparent in our reporting
  • Experience True Proactivity: Ongoing, proactive insights and recommendations
  • SEO is Not a Silver Bullet: Our team will go far beyond SEO to help you achieve your critical business goals

Some of the Brisbane businesses we've helped

Our Brisbane SEO clients include some of Australia’s biggest and most recognised brands.

How We Achieve Search Engine Optimisation Success For Our Brisbane SEO Clients

A quick insight into Reload's approach to SEO strategy

Watch this quick video to find out exactly how we customise our SEO offerings and pricing for every single client.

Here at Reload we get many, many inquiries for SEO.

Today I thought I’d explain to you how Reload goes about putting together an SEO strategy and the different elements that go into it.

Everything we do here is extremely customised. It’s not easy for us to just provide a price off the bat because we don’t have any cookie cutter packages.

That means that we really need to understand your business in order to customise the SEO solution for you.

What I wanted to take you through today is a few key elements that make up an SEO strategy. This is what we do. Not every client needs to do every single one of these elements.

Often, it’s a combination of a few. Some clients use all of them. It completely depends on where your business is at, the industry that you’re in and how competitive it is, and essentially your budget and where you want to go.

Market Research

The first key element here is market research. What that is is that is a whole bunch of research around your industry, the keywords that you should be targeting, what your competitors are doing, and essentially how visible you are online for the type of keywords in your industry and what you want to be achieving.

That really sets a lot of direction for where you want to go with your SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

The second thing here is some technical SEO.

It’s really, really important that Google can crawl your website and it knows who you are, where you are and what you do.

There are a few technical things that we need to make sure are ticked. We typically start with a bit of a technical audit, so reviewing where your website’s currently at and any issues that might be preventing Google from crawling it.

Once we know what those issues are, we then start implementing or changing the website accordingly.

A lot of these things you may not see. They’re often in the back end side of the website but some you will. Often you do need a great web designer or developer on board to assist with some of those elements.


Once those technical things are done and we know that Google can get into your website and crawl it, that’s when we move on to the content side.

Content is a critical part of any SEO strategy. It’s really important because you need to make your website relevant and engaging to your audience.

That is how Google identifies that your website is going to add a lot of value to those people that you’re trying to target. We’ll have a few more videos and blog pieces around content at a later date. I won’t go any deeper into that.

Links & Promotion

The fourth stage is all around links and promotions.

This is a big difference between good SEO and bad SEO.

Bad SEO has very low quality, spammy, dodgy backlinks. Sometimes you can get a bit of a sugar rush and rush up the rankings, but you’ll crash just as quickly as you went up.

The SEO strategies that we do here at Reload are all based around good quality links. The way in which we build good quality links is by creating great relevant useful content and taking those out to other relevant industry websites.

As an example, if you were to sell shoes online, if you created a great content piece on the latest fashion when it comes to shoes, we could potentially get other industry websites and forums that have information around shoes and fashion sharing and linking to that piece of content. Google is going to see that that’s a relevant link for what you do.


The fifth element here is SEOcial. This is essentially where your business is in a range of other online areas.

Think about your Google+ profile, your Google My Business profile and the reviews that you have, Hotfrog, True Local, any areas online that people will be coming across your brand. It’s really important that you have a consistent presence across all of these websites as well as your own website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The sixth element here is conversion rate optimisation and usability.

The reason why these are so important is because once you’re getting a lot of traffic to your website it’s then all about maximizing that.

Conversion rate optimisation is about making little tweaks to get someone to take the action that you want, whether that is them watching a video or whether that’s them downloading an eBook or whether that’s them inquiring or buying online.

We want to test a range of different things to see how people react. The usability side is really important because you’re going to get a range of people to your website.

Again, we want to add value. Google is looking at sites that add value. If we can give someone a positive experience, give them great content and they enjoy being on your site, Google’s going to pick up those positive signals.

They are the six key elements that go into an SEO strategy. Like I said at the start, not everyone needs to do every single one of these elements. It’s generally a mix.

Putting the Strategy Together

What I want to take you through now is exactly how we put an SEO strategy together for a client so that you can completely see transparently what we do.

Transparency is a really, really important thing here at Reload. We want you to know what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, and how much it costs.

What we do is we like to put a bit of a timeline down. As you can see here I’ve got six months. Some SEO strategies can just be one off projects. We can do 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. It completely depends on you and your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

The way we break down the specific tactics is that in month one, we might do a bit of a market research piece.

In month two we might do a technical audit. Also in month two we might do a content workshop.

Essentially, this is how we start breaking elements down across a timeline with specific pricing so you know exactly what we’re doing, when we’re doing and how much it costs. That is how we break things down.

Like I said guys at the start of the video, everything we do is completely customised. There are no cookie cutter packages.

We believe that that will give you a lot better value, because doing SEO on the cheap and a cookie cutter package where the agency doesn’t understand your business, you will struggle to get the outcomes that you’re looking for.

Also, it’s really important to consider SEO as part of a broader digital marketing strategy. There are many different pieces of the puzzle that go into the overall digital marketing puzzle. You need to make sure that there are other things happening around that as well.

There you have it. That’s how we tackle SEO here at Reload. Hope you enjoyed it.

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What To Consider When Implementing SEO

Undertaking SEO on your website can be a long and challenging process, however the rewards are really worth it. Modern SEO is about collaborating with your SEO agency and web developer. From our experience it’s worth considering the following questions:

  • Are you willing to put either internal resources or external budget into generating relevant, useful content on your website? This is a critical factor for SEO success.
  • Are you willing to put either internal resources or external budget into generating relevant, useful content on your website? This is a critical factor for SEO success.
  • Do you have any offline content that could be repurposed online?
  • SEO is a long term process. When do you need results by? Are you in it for the long haul? There are no short cuts in SEO (that last)
  • With regards to your goals for SEO, which of the following is most important to you? Increasing website visitors, sales, enquiries or the visibility of your brand in the search engines?
  • With regards to your goals for SEO, which of the following is most important to you? Increasing website visitors, sales, enquiries or the visibility of your brand in the search engines?
  • Would you agree that achieving top ranking results across many search terms can often have a greater business impact than ranking number one for a single search term?

What our Clients Say

We provide custom SEO solutions for Brisbane businesses of all sizes

Our SEO Philosophy

How modern SEO works

Watch this quick video to find out exactly what our philosophy on SEO is.

Hi everyone. I’m here today to talk to you about Reload’s Philosophy on SEO.

Now, with over 200 ranking signals, it’s very easy to get caught up in the number of links pointing to our site or the number of times your keyword’s on a page, or the number of keywords you can get stuffed into a title tag.

But I really want to reveal something different to you – and that is, what Google really wants is what people want.

Because what Google wants is people to use it and ensuring that they provide a positive user experience to their users is key.

Providing a keyword stuffed page that has the most repeated keywords is not an optimal user experience. So I’d like to talk to you about another way of addressing it which is focusing not on the symptoms, which are these guys, but on the cause.

The first point I’d like to make is a really good approach to judging and going about your SEO strategy, which is taking the approach of asking not what the internet can do for you but asking what you can do for the internet.

So the first key step is knowing your audience, so that’s about figuring out exactly who will be using your website and who will be buying your products.

So the internet is there as a commerce platform, but the other things it primarily does is it entertains and it informs. Being in those places that those users are when they’re wanting to be entertained and informed, it allows you to reach a bigger audience than you other would have been if you had just focused on selling your product.

The second part, once you do know your audience, is making an effort to give your audience what they want, and that is 10x content. That’s content that is 10 times better than anything else that’s out there!

Creating articles, blog articles, that have the most number of keywords in them and posting them around the internet, like SEO used to be about, will not provide you the results that it once did.

Instead, you need to provide engaging content in a format that people will use and that sits right with your audience.

The next thing is – don’t forget the basics!

So even though I’ve just told you now to focus on these big picture things, it’s very important not to forget things like the number of links and the core basics of ensuring your website is readable.

And the last thing I’d like to tell you about is focusing on building a brand.

So Google has made it very clear that being a brand is the key thing too. You can’t cheat your way to the top of a search engine result anymore by just having the right number of links and number of titles. You’ve got to focus on all these things to achieve your SEO results.

  • Ask not what the Internet can do for you…
  • Know your audience
  • Make an effort to give your audience what they want: 10x Content
  • Don’t forget the SEO basics
  • Focus on building a brand

Guys, thanks very much for listening to Reload’s Philosophy on SEO. If you do have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us.

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It depends on your industry, how competitive it is and what your goals are. The more competitive, the longer it takes. However you normally start to see an initial uplift around the third month of a SEO program. To really get great results it can take 12 months, and for really competitive online industries (like insurance or home loans) it can take years.

Learn more about how long SEO takes here!

In SEO terms a link is where one page connects to another. Search engines love links and count them as recommendations. Relevant links also help websites perform better in SEO.

Links are a very in-depth subject with entire books written on them. The main point to remember is that they are really important for SEO, especially in competitive industries.

Think of content as fuel for SEO. If you don’t have any and don’t regularly top it up you won’t get that far. To get the best on the search engines you need to give them what they are looking for – which is unique and relevant content. In return, they’ll increase the visibility of your website which sends more potential customers your way.

It depends on where your current website is and what your goals are. You may already have a digital marketing team that just needs help developing content and building links. Or you could just be starting out and need help setting up the foundations of a great SEO plan. Whatever the situation, we’ll work with you to identify what is the best mix to get the SEO results that you’ll need.

Google penalises websites that over optimise their websites (lots of low quality content and links) using a variety of different techniques. Reload will work with your company to make sure SEO is implemented correctly for long term results.

In short, no. This is an old technique that used to get quick rankings. However if you do have a keyword in your domain, that’s still OK. You just don’t want to over optimise your website. For example, we wouldn’t recommend a pet store change its domain name to www.BestPetStoreSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneThatSellsKittensAndDogCollars.com.au

Meta Data is information search engines read to help understand the content of your website pages. It can also be the text that shows up in search results to help the user identify whether the search result will be relevant to them.

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