Remarketing (or Retargeting) serves as an important strategic component of any businesses’ advertising efforts by driving sales activity, increasing registrations, promoting awareness of your brand or driving your return on investment. It allows you to target past website visitors based on their specific website behaviour which means you can craft very specific, tailored messages and offers to attract groups of people who are most likely to resonate with your brand and purchase your products or services.

Types of audiences you can utilise remarketing for include;

  • Users who made it through to the checkout for a specific product but did not purchase.
  • Users who did purchase a specific product.
  • Users who visited a specific service page, engaged with the page but did not enquire.
  • Users who browsed more than five pages of your website.
  • Users who watched a video or downloaded a PDF.
  • Users who spent over (or under) $100 on your website.
  • Users who visited your website via a mobile device.
  • New visitors to your website.
  • Users who opened one of your email campaigns (but didn’t visit your website).
  • Users who visited a custom application on your Facebook page.
  • Users who stayed on your site for more than 5 minutes.

(This is only a handful of ways a business can utilise remarketing to target potential customers).

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