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Customer Lifecycle & Email Marketing Agency

Scale your Customer Lifecycle & Email Marketing strategy and performance with our Email & CRM agency specialists. Utilising a wide variety of experiences from advanced automation and hyper-relevant campaign strategies, to SMS and loyalty programs, Reload’s email marketing tactics complement your omnichannel strategy alongside performance marketing, SEO and content marketing.

Data-driven email marketing strategy across the customer journey

Whether you’re a B2B company looking for new leads or an eCommerce giant wanting to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), our specialists design tailored Email & CRM strategies specific to your database, platform and goals. Our Email & Customer Lifecycle team works closely with our Content and Performance Marketing teams to design personalised omnichannel strategies that move your audience through the customer journey funnel.

Customer Lifecycle & Email Marketing at Reload

Why is Email & SMS Marketing Important?

Email & SMS marketing allows you to send curated messages to website users, subscribers and customers via an owned channel. This key tactic is beneficial to keep previous buyers up-to-date with promotions, the latest products and industry news. With an average ROI of 36x, Email Marketing alone is a successful way to retain customers ongoing, rather than only relying on gaining new customers via other mediums which become expensive over time.

Email Marketing & Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a key part of the omnichannel mix as it is effective in producing consistent return on investment (when executed well) and is flexible in targeting, gaining relevant information about customers and taking your most loyal customers through the buying journey. It also provides a unique perspective as subscribers opt-in to receive communication, therefore they are more likely to be receptive to this marketing tactic than other digital strategies.

Reload Email Platform Partners

How Email & Customer Lifecycle Marketing can benefit your business

An email strategy designed by a specialist marketing team who understands the full customer journey. We have created countless email strategies based on a bank of previous split testing, allowing us to choose and innovate the best email marketing tactics for your brand.

You will gain access to a number of partner perks across diverse platforms, including their customer success teams. Your business can also benefit from early platform features such as BETA reporting and benchmarking tools.

Our team aims to streamline your collection of zero- and first-party data all the way to strategic segmentation for diverse tactics. We have the ability to use email data across other platforms, such as paid advertising, with an omnichannel marketing agency.

We look at the big picture of your business goals as opposed to only your email goals specifically. We’ll suggest cross-channel tactics whenever it makes sense in your wider marketing strategy and how it can interlink with your other marketing tactics.

Our Customer Lifecycle & Email Marketing Services

Email & CRM Audits

Our team of Email & CRM Specialists can conduct a complete analysis of your Email Marketing & Customer Lifecycle strategies with recommendations to optimise performance ongoing. Our comprehensive audit covers everything from account setup and database management to subscriber experience, email deliverability and automation strategy & performance.

Email Marketing Template Design & Content

Our in-house content and design teams work closely with our email team to construct campaigns that are engaging, beautifully designed and ready to convert. Our team is flexible around yours, if you need content but have your own designer or vice versa, we can work to your needs.

Sophisticated Campaign Strategies

We look deep into your database to find out who your subscribers are and what they value. This means we can tailor newsletter content based on purchase behaviours, interests, website behaviour and email engagement to create hyper relevancy.

Advanced Marketing Automations

From welcoming new subscribers into your community to recovering abandoned carts or cross-selling post purchase, our team builds custom advanced automations tailored to your brand and customer journey. Built with personalisation at the forefront, our automations are designed with years of client testing and trialling in mind, backed by your zero- and first-party data.

CRM & Database Management

Email & CRM databases take time and effort to build, but too many times do we see businesses gather thousands of email addresses with no database management process in place. This often leads to a fast-growing list but you may also be sending to an unengaged audience. Not only can this create a negative brand sentiment to your current subscribers, it can also see you landing in junk boxes as the different email platforms (e,g, Gmail, Outlook) see you as irrelevant.

Data Enrichment & Customer Segmentation

Understand exactly who your leads, subscribers or customers are (and what makes them tick) with the audience and customer segmentation. Divide your customer base into specific cohorts based on demographics, behaviour, interests, and other zero- and first-party data and deliver personalised messaging and offers to each segment to increase engagement, improve conversion rates, and boost customer satisfaction.

Email Platform Migrations

When you move from one platform to another, you need to warm up your new email account so that Email Service Providers (e.g. Gmail and Outlook) see you as a safe sender and place you in inboxes over spam folders. We work with our clients to safely migrate data across to their new platforms and slowly warm up their new email accounts ensuring healthy email deliverability.

SMS Marketing & Two-Way Messaging

Connect with your audience directly through SMS and two-way messaging. Engage with personalised content, send promotional offers, and receive feedback in real time. Drive engagement and build relationships through this powerful communication channel.

Loyalty Marketing

Build brand loyalty and increase customer retention with loyalty marketing. Reward customers for their loyalty and keep them coming back for more. Create personalised experiences and tailored promotions that show your customers you value their business.

Omni-Channel Campaigns

Ever wanted to gate a piece of content and then send the website visitor down a nurture automation email series? Or create a lead form ad on socials, sending new subscribers into a welcome series all without ever having visited your website? Combining email strategies with other digital tactics such as content or paid ads means omnichannel marketing can nurture your prospects into first-time purchasers or enquiries through multiple touchpoints.

Integration Partners

Recognition For Our Email Marketing Services

Meet The Specialists

At Reload, our team of email marketing experts are dedicated to delivering great service and results for our clients

Learn more about Email & Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Email marketing should be driving on average at least 20% of total revenue for your business. If you’re an eCommerce brand, a simple welcome automation should be contributing at least 6% of your revenue. Simply put, if you’re not investing into your email strategy, you’re leaving revenue on the table.

Research shows that it can be up to 7 times cheaper to retain an existing client than to acquire a new one, and email marketing is hands down, the most cost-effective digital marketing channel to remarket to your database. 

But that is not all! Email & SMS Marketing can support during the awareness stages by capturing website visitors with tailored sign-up forms, and funnel them through a personalised welcome series to encourage first purchase or more information following their enquiry. Email can be the most effective way to nurture subscribers throughout their consideration phase, and an SMS could be the most effective channel to deliver time-sensitive or segmented exclusive offers. 

Done well, Email & SMS can both support the full customer journey by increasing the size of your database, nurturing new subscribers to first purchase and converting your customers into loyal repeat buyers.

The benefit of working with Reload means you’ll have a dedicated team on your account who have worked in over 20 markets across 500+ brands. With over 10 years of digital marketing experience under our belts, our email strategies take into consideration your wider business goals and how this fits into your overarching strategy. Working with Reload means we can create omnichannel digital startegies for your brand connecting email with PPC & Content rather than working in silo.

A combined Email and SMS marketing strategy can create a seamless and impactful customer experience (and maximise conversion!). It’s important to remember that SMS and email marketing do serve different purposes and are used to engage subscribers in different ways. Where SMS is more immediate and personal, Email allows for more detailed content and is more educational. Combining both SMS and email marketing in a cohesive strategy can help you achieve optimal results and reach a wider audience.

A/B testing in email marketing is a data-driven approach to maximise the performance of email campaigns and automation by testing various elements such as subject lines, images, call-to-action placement, and even the time of day the email is sent. Our process involves developing an A/B testing framework and proactively planning tests to derive actionable insights and use this data when making decisions on future email campaigns.

Either! We tailor our deliverables based on your needs. Most of our clients find it beneficial to work with us on a retainer basis so they have the option of ad hoc task inclusions to go alongside their 3 month growth plans. We don’t do lock in contracts so we can work on a month to month project basis as well.

Our team of Email & CRM specialists have experience on a variety of platforms and can work with whatever platform you choose. Reload Media has global partnerships with Klaviyo, dotdigital and Ometria, in particular. We’re also experienced in Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, YotPo, Mailchimp, Mailjet, Omnisend, Zoho, Omniconvert and more.

To deliver targeted and personalised messages, you’ll need to collect zero-party data and leverage first-party data and analytics tools to segment and target subscribers meeting specific criteria within your audience. 

Personalisation today goes far beyond including a subscriber’s first name in the subject line or body of an email but aims to customise the entire messaging experience with a brand, ensuring the right message is delivered, at the right time, and in the right place to maximise engagement and conversion.

Through the use of data enrichment, predictive analytics tools and automation technology, we can optimise your campaigns and deliver personalised Email and SMS campaigns automatically. Imagine a series of emails containing personalised product recommendations in the 2 weeks leading up to a Subscribers next predicted purchase date. Or a web notification containing a free e-book download for the lead actively browning your website? You can even deliver a pre-sale access SMS code to your most loyal subscribers during a sale.

Integrating email with other digital channels like paid advertising, content, and SEO is essential for maximising email effectiveness.

To measure the success of your email marketing campaigns, you can’t rely on open rates alone. Instead, focusing on metrics like click rates, conversions, and average order value can give you a better understanding of how your campaigns are performing and help you make data-driven decisions to optimise your email marketing campaigns. Better yet, these metrics (and more!) can also be benchmarked against similar businesses to determine how you measure up against others in your industry.

Reload's Customer Lifecycle & Email Marketing Resource Hub

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