Social Media Marketing allows you to encourage your target market to regularly engage with your brand and become your most profitable online and offline advocates. With a well thought out social media strategy, your business can generate market leading customer engagement, create more brand awareness, encourage consistent website traffic, assist new sales or create a new direct revenue stream for your website or store.

Reload's Approach to Social Media Marketing

Our team will work with you to develop a social media strategy based around the business objectives that matter to you. Whether you need to build your community, engage better with your current community, capture data or utilise social platforms for competitions, our team will help you spot the opportunities to build a better online brand presence.

Strategy and Roadmap

We’ll work with you to identify the overarching social media goals you want to achieve by conducting a full analysis of your target market, competitors, identifying which social media channels are suited to your business and how we can track your success.

Strategy and Roadmap
Content Development and Implementation

Content Development and Implementation

By understanding your target market and goals, our team will develop an action plan for developing and implementing social media content your customers and prospects will love and engage with.

Advertising and Promotion

Helping you develop and implement effective promotions across suitable social channels and leveraging the best advertising opportunities for your brand.

Advertising and Promotion
Community Development and Management

Community Development and Management

Our team will educate you on the best practice of community engagement and work with you to roll out an effective communication management strategy for your business to ensure you are consistently responding and listening to your customers.

Education, Training and Consultation

Our team can provide you the education and training needed to execute a successful social media strategy, as well as provide you ongoing social media consulting, ideation, success measures and audits.

Education, Training and Consultation

What our Clients Say

Everyday Hero

Being able to outsource that but still feel they are a part of our team has made the experience a really positive one. The key for us in terms of results ultimately was about learning. Learning what worked, what didn't work and that's something that has definitely come out of the last year working with Reload. We are very clear about the channels that work for us and the channels we should be investing in and we've also not been held back necessarily in trying different and emerging channels and seeing what works there and what doesn't. We're really excited about our future with Reload.

Georgia Vidler, Consumer Marketing Manager - Everyday Hero

Want to learn more about Social Media Marketing?

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  • What Does Effective Social Media Marketing Look Like?

    This will really depend on what your specific social media marketing goals are. If you are looking to build an engaged audience, we would look at tracking engagement metrics, qualitative and quantitative audience feedback and incremental audience growth across your recommended social media channels.

    If you’re looking for an increase in website referrals and revenue, again, we would benchmark and track website key metrics such as traffic, direct sales and assisted sales via social media.

    If you’re looking to drive in store footfall, we would work with you to develop a social media strategy that would enable us to measure any uplift in footfall via ongoing social media activities. Again, it really does depend on what you and your business are looking achieve from your social media activity.

  • What Considerations Do I Need to Look Into When Building and Optimising a Social Media Marketing Strategy?
    • Do you have any internal resources to help with community management and content development?
    • Do you have buy in from the highest level in your organisation down to the most junior employee?
    • Are you ready to create a two way dialogue with your audiences (as opposed to just broadcasting marketing messages to them)?
    • Are you willing to be ‘real’ within your social media channels?
    • Have you set S.M.A.R.T objectives for your social media activities that you are able to optimise towards?
    • Have you considered what budget you will need in order to achieve success?
    • If you are having trouble answering any of these questions, feel free to give Reload Media a call to see if we might be able to assist you.
  • Do You Do Social Media Account Audits?

    Absolutely! Give us a call today or enquire online to find out more. You might just find that a few little suggestions from our experts can actually make the world of difference to your social media marketing activities!

  • How Long Will it Take to Get Started?

    This will depend on what social media services you require with us. If you are looking for a comprehensive social media strategy and action plan for your business, this is an extremely collaborative process that can take between 6-8 weeks to develop. However, if you are simply looking for ad hoc social media services or consulting, time frame will be much shorter.

  • What Does Your Social Media Reporting Look Like?

    Our reports are customised for each of our clients, so we are unable to show you an example. At Reload we are truly dedicated to developing the report that YOU are looking for. If you were to work with us, you would find your report will likely evolve over time based on the ongoing feedback you provide and through collaboration with your team. Do you just need a one pager for your CEO, no problem! Need a detailed weekly performance spreadsheet with insights? Consider it done. Do you need different unique reporting for franchisees or other key stakeholders in your business? Leave it to us!

  • Does Reload Media Do Community Management?

    No. Reload does not perform community management for our client i.e. responding to social media comments, brand mentions and jumping in to relevant live conversations across all social media channels. We firmly believe this is a task that needs to be resourced within your business as an internal resource which can negate time lag between responses and can provide more in depth, genuine conversations between your business and your audiences.

    However, we can of course provide beginner, intermediate and advanced training for your internal resources in this area.

    Alternatively, Reload also partners with an Australia leading community management agency and are able to organise a cost effective solution for your business if you do not have an internal resource (and are unable to hire one).

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