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International Growth Agency

Grow your business through expanding into new markets.

Are you looking to expand your business abroad? Need help entering a new market? Reload’s expertise can help you launch and scale across the globe.

Succeed with an International Growth & Export Strategy

International markets provide an opportunity to grow and expand. Simply launching is not enough to enter a new market successfully as this task requires a well-though-out strategy by understanding the unique characteristics of the country, including cultural differences.

Reload will guide you through adapting all aspects of your marketing, as well as support consultancy and strategy to effectively operate in each local market. We develop country-specific campaigns with our international growth model in mind. We have the experts that know which methods work in multiple regions around the world.

What We Do

How We Support Your International Growth

If you require global expansion solutions specific to your business needs, we can work alongside you to achieve impactful results. Whether you’re entering a new international market or need help crafting a specific international strategy with SEO, Content or Performance Marketing Reload is here.

Market Analysis & Entry Strategy

Using a range of tools, our specialist team can help you analyse and select the right markets for your brand. 

If you have already entered or chosen a market, we can assist in optimising performance within the region of the market by undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the market size, behaviour, competitive activity and market conditions. Using these insights, we help you develop the right campaign for the market. 

Content Localisation & Translation

It’s not enough just to have your content translated, an effective international growth strategy considers localising the unique differences in each international market. 

From differences in language to seasonal differences, to the differences in demographics and interests — there is a lot to consider when localising content. 

International SEO

International SEO is critical for any successful international market launch, ensuring each of your regional domains, sub-domains or instances are adapted to the local market — both for consumers and search engines that read and index web pages. 

This includes analysing website visibility and technical SEO implementation, local keyword research and targeting, regional-focused link building and authority, and much more. 

International Performance Marketing

There is a lot to consider when adapting your performance marketing to international regions. From language differences that impact ad copy and keyword strategy, to size differences in populations that may require a significantly different approach to budget allocation and planning. 

In-depth knowledge and assessment of consumer behaviour in a local market is essential. We consider each region unique to your business and build your paid advertising strategy from the ground up — covering paid search, shopping, display, Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, or LinkedIn. 

What We Do

Why Use a Specialist International Growth Agency?

Reload Media is one of only 10 Google selected International Growth Partners in Australia. As part of this exclusive programme, our team has extensive training and development in international campaign strategies in international markets.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to launching in new markets. You need an expert agency well versed in market and region differences who knows how to create campaigns that work in each market and understands the planning involved in adapting local marketing strategies.

The benefits of working with Reload include:

Our Process

Our Approach to International Growth and Export Strategy

Market Assessment and Selection

Reload will help your brand successfully expand internationally by beginning with an assessment of the selected countries. We will determine the best opportunities that exist by analysing business and market data. This occurs in either a top-down or bottom-up analysis. By understanding the opportunities, the difficulty and the competition in the new market, we can help brands make smart selections of where, when and how to enter various markets.

Create Tailored Experiences to Engage Local Markets

From adapting your site and operations to meet the needs of the local market — including payment gateways, fulfilment and logistics — through to content, UX and trust signals the site portrays, each market has unique needs that must be met. Reload can help advise on a localised approach and to adapt your website, user experience and overall operations to be set up for success in an international market. Tailoring your creative, advertising language and content based on your customer's location or preferences can be the key to global expansion success.

Build efficiencies and Scale a Local Market Strategy

Successful international expansion requires adapting all activity to the local market. While many agencies just replicate existing activity, we take a ground-up approach to create new campaigns and localised approaches for each region. New markets often means starting from the ground up with brand awareness. We consider the stage of market maturity to ensure the activity of activating users at the right stage of funnel.

The multi award winning, skincare brand, ARK Skincare have been quietly challenging what it means to be a skincare brand in the 21st century by offering age. Alongside paid search and the paid social retainer, Reload recently worked on an email migration and optimisations for email.

Kate Sangers - Director

Doubling BFCM Revenue

With COVID-19 creating uncertainty around expected traffic levels for Black Friday 2020, the Hitchley & Harrow team were conscious they would be relying on their existing fanbase for 2020 Black Friday sales. Understanding the key role email plays in their customer retention strategy, Hitchley & Harrow brought Reload onboard to make the most out of their Klaviyo automations and campaign strategies throughout Black Friday sales.

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Meet The Specialists

At Reload, our team of digital marketing experts are dedicated to delivering great service and results for our clients.

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