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Case Study


Creating a Digital Strategy for a National Gelato Brand.

The Challenge

Gelatissimo wanted to buid their online presence to drive more traffic in-store and expand their existing store locations across Australia and internationally.

Gelatissimo are an Australian gelato brand that produces fresh gelato in their stores across Australia and around the world. Having worked with Reload in a previous role, Gelatissimo’s marketing director believed that we would be the best fit to help build a digital marketing strategy for the Gelatissimo brand and launch digital activity across Google and Facebook.

Gelatissimo wanted to build their online presence to drive more traffic in-store and expand their existing store locations across Australia and internationally. Reload worked closely with Gelatissimo’s internal marketing team to develop a digital strategy that would help them achieve their business goals.

The Solution

One of the first steps for the Reload team was setting up tracking in Gelatissimo’s Google Analytics account so that we could measure the success of future digital marketing campaigns. As one of Gelatissimo’s key objectives was to increase in-store traffic, we set a conversion goal in Google Analytics so they could see how many people were using the store locator form on their website. This also allowed us to track how many people had completed the store locator form after coming through an ad from Google, Facebook or Instagram.  

We then launched a number of ‘test and learn’ campaigns across Google and Facebook to determine what campaign types and messaging would be most effective at driving actions across the website.

The Process

Setting up tracking in Google Analytics to measure the success of digital campaigns.

Launching ‘test and learn’ campaigns to determine which campaign types and messaging would generate the most return.

Running ongoing campaigns across Google and Facebook to promote Gelatissimo’s ‘Flavour of the Month’. 

Improving customer loyalty and retention by identifying gaps and opportunities in Gelatissimo’s customer journey.

We consider our partnership with Reload to be an invaluable asset to our business. From national campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google to our overarching digital strategy, the team are constantly thinking of new ways to push our digital presence further to drive in-store sales. Reload have truly become an extension of our team and we’re proud to call them our digital marketing partner.

Zoe Gorbunow - Gelatissimo
Zoe Gorbunow, Marketing Director

Moving Forward

Since implementing their digital marketing strategy, Gelatissimo have seen a consistent increase in website traffic and now have complete transparency in regards to how many people are using the store locator form on their website.

Outside of Gelatissimo’s ‘always on’ digital activity, the team has also worked with Reload to improve their customer loyalty and retention to increase average transaction value and grow store revenue. Reload ran a workshop with the Gelatissimo team to identify gaps and opportunities within their customer journey and map out an action plan with these objectives in mind.

Reload and Gelatissimo remain trusted partners as we continue to support their digital activity and recommend new opportunities to enhance their marketing strategy moving forward.

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