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Case Study

Meyer Cookware Brands

When Australia emerged from pandemic lockdowns in 2021, Meyer Cookware brands saw a shift in demand across the product category in a changing landscape. By engaging Reload Media and strategically using Google Ads when search demand was at an all-time low, Meyer Cookware was able to gain a 91% increase in ROAS by May 2022 with a 52% increase in Google Ads revenue.

Why They Approached Us

Meyer Cookware and their owned brands (Cookware Brands, Essteele, Raco, Circulon and Anolon) saw unprecedented business and revenue growth as home cooking boomed during the pandemic. However, as Australia emerged from the pandemic and opportunities for discretionary spending including the ability to eat out again returned, the business engaged Reload Media in August 2021 to help them tackle changes in customer demand in the short term whilst also working with them to drive growth as demand normalised again post-COVID.

In addition to this primary challenge, the Meyer Cookware brand sits in a highly competitive industry. With a flooded online offering and low barrier to entry, ensuring your products are prominent and competitive in the online space is key to capturing the sale.

Reload Media’s marketing objective was to respond to this dramatic change in consumer behaviour by not only driving demand for Meyer Cookware’s brands and product category but ensuring each brand was in-market to capture this demand while driving cost efficiencies to scale and maintain profitability.

Meyer Cookware Brands

Diversifying the Approach to Fuel Demand

Our approach involved assessing current and historical brand and category demand as well as diversifying our approach beyond search. This allowed us to build awareness, fuelling demand and levelling up our promotional strategy to better compete against competitors.

Prior to employing tactics to drive sales, we heavily leaned on the capabilities of Google Trends to qualify our theories regarding the impact of the pandemic on category demand to inform our strategic approach. The tool allowed us to correlate search trends and revenue dips with national and state-based lockdowns solidifying the need to fuel demand and diversify our approach beyond search – a channel so reliant on demand which was being heavily impacted by market fluctuations.

When we began our partnership with Meyer Cookware, only one of their 5 brands under our remit were utilising Google Shopping campaigns. Once the goal of fueling demand and diversifying our digital approach beyond search was established, not only did we roll out Google shopping across all brands to ensure Meyer Cookware were prominent in the online space and capturing existing demand, but we also rolled out Performance Max across all 5 brands.


This allowed us to utilise various additional inventories across Google’s network including YouTube, Display and Discovery to effectively broaden reach and fuel demand while improving cost efficiencies that would not have not likely been achieved on other platforms.


Meyer Cookware

What We Achieved


increase in Google Ads Revenue YoY


Increase in ROAS with Performance Max


The amount ROAS targets were exceeded


of revenue acquired by Performance Max & Smart Shopping

Specific Solutions Drive Reach

Discover more about the services we used to create campaigns across the Google suite for increased ROAS and revenue, ultimately leading Meyer Cookware brands to achieve their goals.

Paid search, performance max and shopping campaigns that involve the right targeting, messaging and search terms captured the demand for Meyer Cookware brands.


Meyer Cookware campaigns were supported by a range of marketing strategies that evolved over time, relating to search demand within Google. Google Ads, Google Shopping and Performance Max were all used to exceed targets in this critical period for Meyer Cookware. 


Reload Media’s strategic approach to performance marketing and ability to collaborate with our internal teams, has helped us achieve incredible results during a challenging time for our business. Their innovative methods coupled with a close partnership with our team, saw us achieve an increase in conversion rate and ROAS across our paid advertising channels since September 2021. Reload’s utilisation of Google Shopping and Performance Max, helped us diversify beyond web search; effectively broadening our reach and fuel demand while improving cost efficiencies.We highly recommend Reload Media for businesses looking to drive results that matter.

Richard Millson, Managing Director

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