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Case Study


Tailoring a Digital Strategy for B2B and B2C Customers With Australia’s Leading Fitness Equipment Supplier

The Challenge

SMAI were seeking a holistic approach to their digital marketing, with a digital partner that would increase business revenue and strengthen brand presence.

SMAI is a leading martial arts and fitness equipment supplier, supplying both retail and wholesale customers worldwide. Founded in 1985 in Wollongong NSW, SMAI has grown into an internationally acclaimed brand, selling in 65+ countries with over 3,000 products.

Having been referred to Reload by their web design agency, Reload were keen to expand SMAI’s digital activity and explore new opportunities to drive further growth for the business, building on their existing brand presence in Australia.

As SMAI markets to both retail and wholesale customers, they wanted to better understand how to engage and drive sales from both B2B and B2C customers. Reload needed to find a solution to tailor SMAI’s digital strategy to align with the purchasing behaviours of these different customer segments.

SMAI logo

The Solution

In order to tailor SMAI’s various digital touchpoints, we needed to segment their website users into B2B and B2C customers and gain a thorough understanding of how these different customers were interacting with SMAI’s website.

We began by rolling out custom tracking that allowed us to segment users into B2B and B2C based on the user’s interaction with the wholesale portal on SMAI’s website. Using this first party data, we were able to determine which channels would be best suited to target each of these different audiences. 

We then used a mix of channels that would work together to push potential customers in each of these segments through their different purchase journeys – from brand awareness and initial contact all the way through to becoming brand advocates.

The Process

facebook icon

We launched a combination of prospecting, revenue driving and re-engagement campaigns across Facebook & Instagram to drive new customer acquisition.

Ad creative and copy was tailored with the unique customer journey in mind, whether the user be a B2B or B2C customer, or interested in MMA gear versus an exercise bike. 

We ran lead generation campaigns across Facebook to grow SMAI’s database with a highly targeted and relevant audience, which SMAI were able to nurture into customers using Email Marketing.

To capture people lower down in the purchase funnel, we built Google Ads campaigns targeting people who were actively in-market or had already interacted with the brand on another channel.

Our SEO team conducted on-page optimisations to build the organic visibility of high revenue driving collection pages on SMAI’s website.

Reload have truly been a valuable asset for our business. The team have helped us to break down and understand our customer journey, and fine tune the targeting and ad copy to best engage with our audience… The communication and reporting has the right level of detail, and it’s clear they aren’t just dancing around with their numbers for the sake of reports, like we have seen with other agencies. Not only will you have your assigned team, but you will also access a network of highly skilled experts in different digital marketing genres. Highly recommend!

Win Nguyen, General Manager at SMAI
Win Nguyen, General Manager

The Results

As a result of our integrated paid advertising and SEO digital strategy for SMAI, we have seen continued and substantial Year on Year growth across a number of key business and marketing metrics. 

Through close collaboration with the SMAI team and pivoting our digital approach based on internal and external factors, we helped SMAI achieve their biggest month of sales to date. With this agile approach, we were able to ensure the right message was shown to the right people, at the right time – aiding in their strong financial result.


Increase in overall online sales YoY


Increase in Google Ads Revenue YoY


ROAS from Facebook Ads

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