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Case Study


Tackling BFCM with Insights, Audience Segmentation and an Integrated Digital Strategy

The Challenge

Ahead of their biggest sale event of the year, ST. ALi wanted to understand how to gain insights from previous year’s BFCM activity, capitalise on these learnings and triple their YoY revenue. 

When it comes to specialty coffee ST. ALi was one of the first, one of the pioneers; the ones who defined specialty coffee in Melbourne; and the ones who continue to push boundaries forward.

Found down a back alley you have to know where to go to get to, since inception ST. ALi has been an industry leader in direct relationships with farmers, in-house roasting, expert coffee brewing, with a best-in-category food offering. They’re a stand-alone brand, unique, focused—and hard to replicate.  

The Solution

The marketing strategy for the Black Friday Event included a breakout of audience segmentations, a proposed product mix and Reload’s recommended event timeline.

ST.ALi audiences were segmented into five different groups. Doing this allowed for personalised ads with creative messaging to align with the values of each group. Additionally, the campaign was launched in early October with a focus brand awareness, affinity and filling the conversion funnel. Starting early, meant it was cheaper to gain awareness/potential customers in the lead up to the actual Black Friday Cyber Monday 12 day period.

Based on previous research, Reload also presented a proposed product mix with the approach of product bundling to increase the average order value (AOV) and essentially, drive more revenue.

A recommended event timeline was then presented to ensure each task was accounted for and all deadlines were met to achieve the overall goal. 

The Process

An analysis piece was created to review the performance of ST.ALi during the previous year’s event to determine a strategic approach to meet the set targets. 

Based on research insights, new considerations were put forward to help generate buzz, maximise online efforts, drive promotions and engage audience groups. 

Tailored ad copy and creative was used to attract segmented audiences throughout their customer journeys and conversion funnel. 

Prospecting campaigns using upper funnel tactics were launched across Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Email. 

To capture people lower down in the purchase funnel, remarketing ads were tailored to nurture audiences by capturing their attention and then maintaining interest to lead to purchase. 


The Results

As a result of our research insights, audience segmentation and integrated paid advertising strategy for ST.ALi, the campaign saw users spending much more per transaction with the average order almost doubling. 


Increase in revenue YoY across all channels


Decrease in cost per sale from Facebook ads


revenue generate from new users

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