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Case Study

TerryWhite Chemmart

Driving Brand Awareness and Pharmacy Visits with Strategic Digital Advertising.

The Challenge

TerryWhite Chemmart partnered with Reload to increase awareness of their brand and services, and drive online users to visit their local TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy.

TerryWhite Chemmart is a leading brand with more than 550+ pharmacy locations across Australia. With over 60 years of experience, TerryWhite Chemmart are dedicated to providing outstanding care for Australian families.

Over the course of our partnership, Reload has worked closely with TerryWhite Chemmart on a number of digital campaigns to help them achieve their goals at both a campaign and wider business level. One of their key goals was to raise awareness of their pharmacy support service to a family-focused audience and, in particular, to educate school children about Asthma and how to use the medicines they provide.

At a wider business level, TerryWhite Chemmart wanted to raise brand and catalogue sales awareness and increase sales by driving people to visit their closest TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy. 

TerryWhite Chemmart Logo

The Solution

To raise awareness of TerryWhite Chemmart’s pharmacy support service and encourage users to visit their local TerryWhite Chemmart store, Reload worked closely with the TWC team to launch a YouTube Awareness campaign. YouTube’s TrueView platform allowed us to reach and engage TerryWhite Chemmart’s desired audience and encourage viewers to investigate their services further. By targeting key search terms and using audience segmentation, we were able to ensure the campaign landed in front of the right audience. 

We also used Geo Fencing, or Location Based Targeting, to help drive awareness for the TerryWhite Chemmart brand and increase store visits. This involved using GPS data to create an audience pool of people who visit an area with a TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy location nearby, and targeting those users with mobile display advertising to encourage them to visit a TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy. 

The Process

Using the TrueView platform to reach and engage the desired audience.

Targeting search terms such as ‘family’, ‘health conditions’ and ‘pharmacy’.

Audience segmentation of childcare and education aged between 25-54.

Create an audience pool of people who visited an area with a TerryWhite Chemmart location nearby using GPS data.

Target users using mobile display advertising to drive the target audience to visit a TerryWhite Chemmart store.

The Results

Taking advantage of the powerful capabilities of video advertising and Geo Fencing technology, Reload were able to achieve some outstanding results in partnership with TerryWhite Chemmart.

TerryWhite Chemmart’s TrueView campaign achieved a 32.13% Viewing Completion Rate, with users completing the viewing experience at a far higher rate than the industry average of 27%. Not only did the campaign have enormous reach (with 18,160 unique views) over 50% of these unique viewers watched more than 50% of the video ad. Finally, with a Cost Per View of $0.07, this campaign significantly outperfomed against the benchmark of $0.44 across all industries. 

Our mobile display ads also performed extremely well when compared with industry standards, with a Click Through Rate of 0.71% (the industry benchmark for mobile campaigns is 0.20% to 0.40%). As a result of these campaigns, we also achieved a 913% uplift in store visit attribution. This means people who have been exposed to a Geo Fencing ad are 913% more likely to visit a TerryWhite Chemmart store than those who haven’t been exposed to an ad.

Reload continues to work closely with TerryWhite Chemmart to help them achieve their business goals through strategic digital marketing activities.

Reload always stays ahead of the learning curve and provides us with out of the box digital recommendations that helped us achieve our overall digital marketing goals to drive people in-store.

Jason Rickard, TerryWhite Chemmart
Jason Rickard, Digital Customer Experience Manager

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