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Exceeding Audience Reach Targets for Diabetes Australia

Every year more than 60,000 Australians are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It can be overwhelming, and the risk of diabetes-related complications can be scary to think about.

To reach 6 million people over 2 weeks, Diabetes Australia chose Reload to implement a multi-touchpoint brand advertising strategy to raise awareness for their If I Had Known campaign.

“If I Had Known” features real people sharing advice they wish they’d known when they were first diagnosed, and the small changes they made to improve their health.

Why they approached us

Diabetes Australia is the national organisation supporting all people living with or at risk of diabetes. They put people first and work in collaboration with member organisations, consumers, health professionals, researchers, and the community.

They partnered with Reload to provide recommendations that not only achieved results but could inform future campaign success and raise awareness of diabetes and Diabetes Australia via their If I Had Known campaign.

Diabetes Australia

What we achieved

Impressions on Premium Display (67% over target)
Search Volume for Diabetes Australia
PoP Search Volume for Type 2 Diabetes
Total Reach on Facebook
CTA for Google Ads

Incorporating a range of brand ad channels including Premium Display, Facebook and Google allowed Diabetes Australia to increase their reach and create a range of messaging for diverse Australian audiences. This approach is proven in the high amount of campaign impressions and the increase in search volume for key terms over the period, which ultimately resulted in driving a high volume of traffic to the campaign website during the awareness campaign.

Using a platform-led strategy

Driven by our experienced team of specialists, Reload accepted the client’s challenge of reaching 6 million Australians over 2 weeks and developed an optimised advertising campaign across 3 different platforms.

Diving Into Past Campaign Metrics

To increase the reach of the If I Had Known campaign, Reload delved into past marketing metrics to create robust strategic recommendations.

The team assessed which platforms would reach Diabetes Australia’s objective over the two weeks and optimised our campaign plans for the concentrated period to maximise impact.

A Multichannel Approach For Increased Reach

To exceed Diabetes Australia’s goal, Premium Display advertising was recommended for a multi-channel campaign that could reach a diverse set of audiences.

Driving ad impressions and clicks to the campaign website was achieved by leveraging display placements on popular news and health websites including News.com.au, smh.com.au, MyFitnessPal and Healthline to capture the highest engagement possible among our audiences. With this approach the campaign over delivered on the benchmarked impressions by 67%, allowing Diabetes Australia to further maximise reach during activation.

Impactful Brand Marketing

Using Facebook, the Reload team launched If I Had Known via two different campaign types. These methods reached 945K people and generated a total of 3.5K link clicks. Targeting health and diabetes interest groups allowed the Facebook channel to generate reach 20% cheaper than if a broad audience was chosen. Utilising direct targeting for interest audiences allowed these campaigns to be impactful whilst managing cost.

Google Traffic For Added Visibility

Building and optimising campaigns on Google ensured Diabetes Australia was focused on driving quality web traffic to the campaign website. This strategy generated a total of 10.7K impressions with a 13% click-through-rate. A high CTR positioned Diabetes Australia as a trustworthy page for research about terms such as ‘living with diabetes and ‘early signs of diabetes and treatment.’ These high-volume search terms can be used to continuously inform SEO on-page and content strategy and increase the visibility of Diabetes Australia from an organic and paid search standpoint in the future.

Specific Solutions Drive Reach

Discover more about the services we used to create an audience-centric digital marketing campaign to drive reach for our client, Diabetes Australia.

Brand Marketing for Broad Reach and Optimised Targeting

Customer-centric advertising allows you to expertly craft campaigns that speak to your ideal customers in the right place and at the right time.

For Diabetes Australia, we chose high-impact brand channels that would maximise reach.

Its If I Had Known campaign was supported by a range of marketing tactics. Google Ads search messaging, dedicated site links and promotion extensions, and Facebook Ads were all used to increase reach in this critical time.

To see how Reload can drive results that matter most to your business, visit our Brand Marketing service page.

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