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Hiking up Rhythm Snowsports’ holiday sale revenue

Harnessing the power of strategic omnichannel marketing, creating revenue wins and a strong tactical advantage, Rhythm Snowsports engaged Reload seeking to double their 2020 Christmas sale revenue for 2021 after the heavy impact the 2020 bushfires and Coronavirus wrought.

Why they approached us

Rhythm Snowsports is one of Australia’s largest outdoor equipment retailers, stocking go-to gear for camping, biking and snow sports. Housing over 20,000 products catering to year-round outdoor activities for active Aussies, Rhythm Snowsports are the gateway to the mountainous playground of Cooma, NSW. With a heavily impacted 2020 due to bushfires and Coronavirus, Rhythm was looking to double their 2020 Christmas sale revenue for 2021.

What we achieved

Increase ROAS YoY
Performance Marketing Revenue Growth
Email Signups Over Five Days
Email marketing revenue
Increase in Email Marketing Revenue YoY
The staggered campaign approach incorporating a lead generation campaign, channel integration, and excellent creative and messaging, was a success for Rhythm Snowsports. This approach proved to be an effective way to generate email sign-ups and boost overall performance during the key sales period.

Since working with Reload on our marketing strategy we have taken our online presence from simply an e-commerce store to the ultimate experience for all things snow and adventure. Reload has been at the forefront of new strategies and developments ready to assist with any industry changes and guide us through emerging tactics both within the retail industry and technology sector. Reload support us not only in our advertising space but also help us innovate our brand strategy and identity across online and in-store. Reload also supported us throughout the pandemic by continuing to develop new ways that we can maximize our reach or goals within a constrained budget and utilising tools we already had at hand. Without the amazing team at Reload, we would not have success during the downtimes as we do in the highs!

Naomi Nevin - e-commerce manager

A truly data-led strategy

Backed by a strategic plan, the Reload team took historical client learnings and developed a multi-channel campaign that drove uphill results.

An Integrated Strategic Plan

To pave the trail of a successful Christmas sales period, we kicked things off with a strategic plan build. The team began by reviewing the 2020 strategy to help inform a 2021 Christmas sales approach that incorporated tried and tested methods alongside new innovative tactics. Next, we tailored our approach to meet Rhythm’s specific campaign objectives.

A Tactically Staggered, Multichannel Approach

To meet Rhythm’s customers at all relevant touchpoints, we developed an integrated campaign across Facebook, Google, SMS and Email.

In order to capture email and phone number sign-ups in the lead up to the Christmas sale, we commenced with a Facebook Ads lead generation campaign. This allowed us to gather highly engaged customers for when the sale went live. Using a direct integration with Klaviyo, we automatically added these users into a dedicated email flow to engage with them during the Christmas period. We also consulted on a campaign newsletter strategy in the lead up to the sale to hype and engage existing subscribers.

Powerful Performance marketing

Next, we launched the Christmas sale campaign. The team tweaked the Performance Marketing campaigns to dedicate messaging towards the sale and updated site link and promotion extensions. To be across all segments, we implemented a full-funnel Facebook ads approach. This enticed new customers while converting those on the cusp of sale who have already browsed products. Lastly, the team updated the Google Ads shopping campaign feed to reflect new sales prices and promotions.

Winning with Visibility and Urgency

For an added element of sale visibility, the team rolled out Rhythm’s first-ever SMS campaign. We used industry click rate and revenue per recipient benchmarks and set out to beat them.

In the final hours of the sale we shifted gears to reflect a sense of urgency – a countdown timer was implemented in Google Ads Search and on new Facebook campaigns.

Specialist service areas used

Specific solutions drive revenue growth

Discover more about the services we used to create a client-centric digital marketing solution to drive revenue growth for our client, Rhythm Snowsports.

Businesses need to have the necessary foundations and strategy in place to adapt to changing market demands.

Reload Media helped Rhythm Snowsports craft a strategic response to the bushfires and the ongoing pandemic that aimed to get more customers excited about outdoor activities again, prior to their annual Christmas Sale.

To find out how digital strategy can benefit your business, visit our page on Digital Transformation.

Customer centric advertising allows you to expertly craft campaigns that speak to your ideal customers in the right place and at the right time.

For Rhythm Snowsports, we chose high-impact performance channels that would maximise reach, optimise retargeting and ensure conversion throughout the funnel.

Their annual Christmas sale was supported by a range of marketing tactics. Google Ads search messaging, dedicated sitelinks and promotion extensions, Good Ads shopping campaign feeds, and Facebook Ads were all used to generate leads and drive sales in critical moments.

To see how Reload can drive results that matter most to your business, click here to go to our Performance Marketing service page.

Social Media Marketing allows you to directly engage with your target audience, nurture new and existing customers as well as experience impactful business results.

For Rhythm Snowsports, we leveraged Paid Social Advertising to support growth through engagement. We used a full-funnel approach to bring in potential customers and convert existing customers. With the backing of extensive audience insights, we impacted brand visibility to get in front of the right audience when they were most likely to take an action.

Go to our Social Media Marketing service page to learn about how to make social work for your brand.

Email marketing allows you to nurture your prospects into first time customers, repeat purchasers, or drive enquiries using multiple touch points across the buying journey.

Lead generation, email flows and SMS played a pivotal role in the success of the annual Christmas Sale campaign for Rhythm Snowsports, bringing in a 212% increase in email campaign revenue YoY from 2020.

Visit our Email Marketing service page to find out how to use email to your advantage.

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